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MARSELLINA NAMUJJUZI LUKEERA April 24, 1967 - June 18, 2023

Date of Funeral

July 15, 2023

Marsellina Namujjuzi Lukeera was born to Mr. Joseph Moses Lukeera and Ms. Grace Nandaula Lukeera (both deceased), on 24 April 1967.

She did her early learning at the Clock Tower Nursery, former Cricket Club and at Auntie Clare’s Nursery school. For her formal education she attended, Bugonga Boarding Primary School, Namagunga, St. Theresa Primary School, Mt. St. Mary’s Namagunga Secondary School, Namasagali College and Caltec Academy.

Marsellina left Uganda for Sweden in the nineteen nineties where she settled for about a year. She then moved on to the UK specifically, London, where she has been until her demise. While in London Marsellina studied and graduated in Health & Social Care Services and for most of her time there, she worked as a social care worker.

Marsellina is survived by her five daughters;

  • Rachel Nakirya
  • Elizabeth Tibaidhukira Sessanga
  • Annabelle Veronica Wanyana
  • Agatha Naigaga
  • Grace Banangaki

Their Father, Mr. Charles Kitamirike and Five grandchildren:

  • Jude Lwangwa
  • Philomena Nandhi Quinn
  • Israel Charles Sekimpi
  • Avery Alexandah Mwangwa
  • Isaiah Harry Ssebanyiga

Vigil will be held at Mr. James Kalibbala’s home in Bunga Zebra Point on Friday,14th July 2023 starting with a mass at 06:00pm.

There will be a Funeral Service at the Bakateyemba Church in Nalukolongo on Saturday, 15th July 2023 starting at 09:00am, followed by burial at Ezra Kabali burial grounds in Lugo- Buwambo at 02:00pm.

Informed are; Relatives, Friends and In-laws.



  1. REPLY
    Liza Ssesanga says

    Dear Heavenly Father
    We commend Ms. Marsellina Namujjuzi Lukeera, our beloved mother, sister, grandmother and friend to you Almighty father and entrust her in your loving arms. May Holy mother Mary, the angels and the saints welcome her now that she has gone forth from this life. May Christ who was crucified for us all bring her freedom and peace. May Christ who died for us admit her into His garden of paradise. May Christ the true shepherd embrace her as His true flock. May He forgive all her sins and set her among those that He has chosen
    We also pray for those who are left behind that they may find comfort and hope in your presence and promise of eternal life.
    In Jesus name we pray and believe. Amen
    1 Thessalonians 4: 14
    For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, through Jesus, God will bring with Him those who have fallen asleep.

  2. REPLY
    Marsellina’s children says

    Mummy Euology

    Welcome everyone. Thank you so much for coming and being here today and those who are not here but viewing online from where they are. My sisters, Rachel, Liza, Nana, Grace and I, want to thank everyone for their love of our dear mother Marsellina Lukeera and all the support given to us and our family emotionally, spiritually and financially. We cannot fully express the gratitude we have for all the contributions that have made it possible to bring our mother home to Uganda, allow me to be here, and for us to say goodbye to our Mummy as she wished for. Thank you everyone!

    Mummy was a multifaceted person and meant something different to different people, she was a Daughter, a Sister, Niece, Auntie, Grandmother, Godmother, a carer and godly woman.

    Mummy had an open heart, she was supportive, caring and generous. She valued Catholic values so the family gave her the pet name Saint Selina and Ugandan traditions yet also embrace what she could of the modern world.

    In 1999 she was dealt a rough hand when she was diagnosed with Lupus and autoimmune disease. Her body could not distinguish what was healthy and unhealthy and therefore attacked itself. During this time in 1999 our Mum entered her first coma and nearly lost her life, When we were still young children.

    She feared dying whilst we were still children, because of this every time her health was bad she fought to recover so we would not grow up without her . Being our Mother was the most important role to her and she fought and stayed alive to see us become women which was her goal, a blessing is she also got 5 grandchildren.

    For every blessing and happy memory Mummy always remembered to give thanks to God. She was a fervent Roman Catholic that adored God, prayer and especially the Sacred Heart & Divine Mercy. Her commitment was so strong the family nicknamed her Saint Selina, and she earned it. Mummy lived to travel and it was always for a pilgrimage, shr only travelled for a pilgrimage of Uganda. She knew one day she would not be able to travel so whilst she could she wanted to visit as many holy sites as possible. She went to Jerusalem twice, Lourdes twice as well, Medjugorje in Croatia, Divine Mercy Shrine in Poland, and Our Lady of Guadeloupe in Mexico.

    Mummy loved to travel for the Lord but her most cherished trip was to Uganda in 2006, it was the first time Mummy was able to return to Uganda her homeland and her daughters who were still in Uganda she missed so much since leaving Uganda with me. I cherish the memory too as it was Mummy, her mother our dearly departed Jajja Grace, Mummy’s sister Auntie Anna, my sisters and myself reunited after so many years. But distant and time were never obstacles to Mummy our eldest sister Racheal recalls:

    My mum was the strongest woman I knew. Whenever I had something stressing me she was my sounding board. She would give me so much advice sometimes it was overwhelming so she would think I’ve not taken it but I want her to know that I have. Mummy was my personal cheerleader, I won’t get another cheerleader like her or another Mummy but I’ll be ok. As you brought me up to be the strong woman I’m today and I thank God for the time we’ve had together. We will all be ok and we will love you always Mummy.

    Mummy advised and supported so many. When we were at home in the UK, anyone who came over in need of assistance, Mummy would direct them into the kitchen and say “step into my office”, ahe meant business when it came to helping. And when I heard those words I knew she was in the kitchen helping someone. Our home was a second home and to quite a few people came stay, family who had just arrived to settle in the UK and cousins, nieces and nephews who needed a new from their homes and parents, to them our Mummy was MamaSela, and you could always come to MamaSela’s house and stay as long as you need.

    Right now I feel so deeply how much I need my Mummy and wish she was still here. I can find a little comfort in memories we have, one that brings me some comfort was when I was a child and we went school shopping, actually after we had finished shopping. Mummy had to work a lot but when school shopping I had her full attention. Once we had done the shopping we would go the nearby Pizza Hut and the day with a meal, Mummy’s favourite pizza was the Chicken Feast. When our pizzas arrived we enjoyed our meal and talked about nonsense and made jokes and appreciated being able to be with each other.

    My Mummy was my Mother, my Father, a sister and a best friend, the person I loved most on this earth. Things weren’t always easy but nothing will ever be harder than having to continue on without you

    It’s hard to not go on and on about my mum as there was so much to her. She was creative, she could draw, make dresses live to crafts and DIY, baked amazing cakes, she taught me how to bake, and she made the very best chapati. There is so much to say about Mummy it is hard to stop but if I don’t stop now this will never end but I just wanted to finish off by reading this lovely poem I saw recently, called ‘Train of Life’ by the poet Victor Moore.

    Train of Life
    At birth we boarded the train
    and met our parents, and we
    believe they will always travel
    on our side.

    However, at some station
    our parents will step down from
    the train, leaving us on this
    journey alone.

    As time goes by,
    other people will board the train;
    and they will be significant
    our siblings, friends, children,
    and even the love of your life.

    Many will step down
    and leave a permanent vacuum.
    Others will go so unnoticed
    that we don’t realize
    they vacated their seats.

    This train ride will be full of joy,
    sorrow, fantasy, expectations,
    hellos, goodbyes, and farewells.
    Success consists of having a
    good relationship with all
    passengers requiring that we
    give the best of ourselves.

    The mystery to everyone is:
    We do not know at which station
    we ourselves will step down.
    So, we must live in the best way,
    love, forgive, and offer the best
    of who we are.

    It is important to do
    this because when the time
    comes for us to step down
    and leave our seat empty

    we should leave behind beautiful
    memories for those who will
    continue to travel on the train of life.

    I wish you a joyful journey on the
    train of life.
    Reap success and give lots of love.
    More importantly, thank God for the

    Lastly, I thank you for being one of
    the passengers on our train.

    We would like to make a very special thank you our Auntie Dorothy, Auntie Sarah, Uncle Sam, Auntie Anna, Auntie Hajati, our dad and Auntie Florence

  3. REPLY
    Irene Carol Nankinga says

    Marsellina, you will be greatly missed .
    You loved all your family members even us the distant ones.
    There were seasons when I heard from you alot more, there were times when I went silent , juggling with life assignments, I always just showed up at your house to see you when I thought about you , leaving was very hard always as we chatted away .
    I remember when I used to make a fuss about my containers whenever I brought you, your favourite peas samsas, haaaaaa the day I forgot my container in your bedroom, you called me and laughed 😅 so hard and teased me , naye wasi, wasi waki Nankinga? Container ngenze okulaba nga ojekabidde, we laughed together.
    Your jokes, kibozi , bozi and questions ………. I will miss you Marsellina.
    Till we meet again.

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