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Funeral Plans

A-plus Funeral Cover

Planning for funerals in advance called “preplanning” or “prearranging” is a responsible, caring and bold act that can reduce stress for your grieving loved ones.
A funeral that has been preplanned is a tremendous relief to the family/organization at the time of need. At A-plus, we have two types of funeral plans.

A-Plus Care is a simple, affordable, rewarding protection you and your family need. This product is a combined Accident & Funeral cover where you pay a regular annual policy fee to access higher benefits. It provides the following benefits;

  • Emergency rescue / Ambulance service incase of Accident.
  • Medical Expense as a result of an accident.
  • Last expense costs / Funeral costs.
  • Guaranteed acceptance up to age 90 years with no medical examination.
  • 24HR protection
  • Beneficiaries are directly linked to the service provider.


Identify 4 persons minimum (Main applicant, spouse, children, and others) MAXIMUM ANY NUMBER.
Identify the desired service plan / Benefit amount for each person. (GOLD, SILVER, COPPER OR CASH)
You can purchase either all three benefits or the funeral benefit only.
Premium computations are based on Age of each person and Benefit chosen.
Fill in the application form and make the policy fee payment.
You will receive your policy contract within 48Hrs of subscription.
COMPANIES/CORPORATES identify staff & beneficiaries, age, and benefit for a uniform group premium.


Policy Plan Medical / Ambulance
(As a result of Accident)
Accident Benefit Funeral Benefit
(Max Benefit payable) (Max Benefit payable) (Max Benefit payable)
Gold (G) 2,000,000/= 10,000,000/= 10,000,000/=
Silver (S) 1,000,000/= 5,000,000/= 5,000,000/=
Copper (C) 500,000/= 2,500,000/= 2,500,000/=
Cash (Ca) 200,000/= 1,000,000/= 1,000,000/=

With the rising cost of living, limited incomes, collective responsibility, and the accompanying uncertainty of the need for funds to offset funeral arrangements, a pre-plan saving is a good option. The benefits of this arrangement are:

  • Covers any cause of death, no age limit
  • Benefits services are determined by the owner of the fund.
  • Subscribers are entitled to credit services worth double their account balance.
  • The fund acts as initial payment in time of need.
  • The account balance of 2M awards the fund owner a Life Cover.
  • The fund is kept under a registered regulated Trust.


The individual, family, or associations / Groups fill in an application form.
The individual, family, or associations / Groups set aside a savings account with A-plus.
The amount starts from a minimum of 300,000/= to a maximum determined by the owner’s anticipated funeral arrangement needs. The fund is built with every additional amount deposited.
When the need arises, the owner instructs A-Plus to arrange services as agreed and the cost is deducted off the fund.
This fund can be used on any beneficiary as decided by the fund owner. It’s not tied to just the owner nor the available fund balance. This fund if not utilized is rolled over to the next year awaiting instructions for funeral services.


APLUS funeral management negotiates and agrees to provide agreed costs of funeral service arrangements with an organization or corporate and with non-cash commitment the client will seek the services when the need arises and payment is effected as agreed in the memorandum of understanding.

All the above plans entail elaborate documentation that creates a legally binding contractual relationship that guarantees’ provision of funeral services by A-PLUS Funeral management anywhere as agreed by the plan.

A-plus Cash Plan

Who is A-Plus Funeral and Grand Micro Insurance (GMi)

  • A-Plus Funeral Management – The leading funeral management company in Uganda.
  • GMi was licensed in 2018 under license No.IN/029/2018 by the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda as the first microinsurance company offering insurance and saving products to the general public.
  • A-Plus Funeral and GMi are part of the A-Plus Group, a Group with interest in Insurance, Funerals, and Finance with over 15 years’ experience.

Our Cash Plan

  • Our Cash Plan pays CASH for funeral expenses in case of the death of an insured member.
  • This funeral cover is extended to cover your other family members and dependents that is; your spouse, children, parents, relatives, and workers such as maids.

Why Our Cash Plan

  • No medicals required subject to 3 months waiting period.
  • Cash is paid out immediately on registration of claim and submission of
    all required documents.
  • Parents are covered up to the age of 75 years.
  • Affordable and flexible premium payment plans (monthly, quarterly, and annually).
  • Free cover for three biological or legally adopted children below the age of 21years.
  • No waiting period for accidents.
  • As a member, one qualifies for discounts if services of A-Plus Funeral are used.

What Premium do I pay?

CASH 1 2,500,000 6,300 75,400
CASH 2 2,000,000 5,100 60,300
CASH 3 1,500,000 3,800 45,300
CASH 4 1,000,000 2,600 30,200
CASH 5 500,000 1,300 15,100

How to enroll in 4 easy steps

  1. Carefully read the information booklet and brochure and choose a package.
  2. Complete the application form/register, you can also register online and generate a quote/invoice to enable you to make payments.
  3. Pay your premium and a message will be sent to you confirming payment together with your reference number/contract statement.
  4. You will get to view your contract after 24 hours on payment.

How to claim in 3 easy steps.

In the event of a claim:

  1. Contact us through any of the ways below:

Call our Support line for assistance on
+256 778587150 /+256 707587150,

  1. Send us an email via claims@gmi.ug, Or log on to our website www.gmi.ug and you will also be advised on any documentation required for the claim to be processed.
  2. Complete and submit the simple claim form (please ensure that the claim form is read carefully for any additional requirements)
  3. If all the documentation received is in order, we shall pay the claim or give service within 24 hours.