123, landmark address

Appreciation May 20, 2020


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    Mugagga Alex says

    Thanks for making your website look pleasant

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    kiiza shallon says

    thanks for your service during the burial of my mum namubiru juliet akiiki no matter how stressed you were there for us

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    Georgina Kisakye Tamale says

    I’ve always wanted to do this. Thank you so much for making my mother’s funeral(alupo christine) one that can’t be forgotten, and also for laying her to her final resting place in peace and I’m sure she’s happy too! PS. thank you so much for the pictures you took.

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    Mahande says

    Whereas you were exceptional in other service i was extremely and i repeat extremely disappointed in the kind of Public Address system you provided at the Burial of Grandma. For anyone intending on using your services i would gladly advice the otherwise on having to hire for a public Address through you.

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