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Date of Funeral

September 1, 2022

Date of birth: 01/09/1957 in Nambale S/County- Nasuti Village Busimba village

Date of rest: 26/08/2022

He is of a royal clan of  Abaise Ngobi.  The 25th Ngobi of Kigulu Chiefdom

Parents: Late Prince Kilegeya Dawson and Late Katono Maria Kubonaku (Mwise Igaga)

Schools attended

  • In 1970, he completed primary seven at Nasuti Primary School
  • In 1974 he completed O.Level at St. James Jinja
  • In 1976 he got a job as office clerk in the DC’s office Jinja
  • In 1982, after the retirement of his late father HRH Samuel Kasadha Walube Gologolo, he was introduced to the work of managing a bookshop at his father’s bookshop called Bakuseka Majja in Jinja
  • In 1990, he became independent and opened up his own bookshop called Buzimba Bookshop in the same premises.
  • In 1992, he upgraded with a certificate in Public administration at UMI
  • In 1995, he upgraded for a certificate in book keepin6g and records management at UMI.
  • He was there after in the same year appointed as manager text book supplier in eastern Region schools.

Cultural Leadership Responsibilities

  • In 1998, his father HRH Samuel Kasadha Wulube Gologolo the 24th Ngobi of Kigulu started mentoring him and abdicated him for the chieftaincy of Obwa Ngobi Bwa Kigulu.
  • In 2000 he was enthroned as the Ngobi of Kigulu a position he served as HRH Patrick Izimba Gologolo , The 25th Ngobi of Kigulu Chiefdom(Obwa Ngobi Bwa Kigulu) upto his last breath. He first served as a chief with HRH Henry Wako Muloki as the Kyabazinga of Busoga and at his time of rest   under current Kyabazingaship of HRH William Wilberforce  Kadumbula Nadiope IV.
  • He has been advisor on Uganda Royal Youth Council.
  • He has been a member of Uganda Cultural Network.

Other Extra Ordinary Qualities

  • He was receptive and hospitable
  • He was an encyclopedia of Busoga culture
  • He was religious and non-discriminative in terms of religion through supporting inter religious council
  • He was an anthropologist who carried out research with a number of anthologists, and published books with them one of the books is the eleven hereditary Ssaza chiefs of Busoga.
  • He participated in the constitution writing of Busoga Kingdom.
  • He was a researcher with cultural research Centre in Jinja and other professors in Japan (Prof. Nakabayishi), USA (Prof. Shanti Parikh)
  • Tourism and cultural site promoter in Kigulu Chiefdom and Busoga in General, and he was the second person to current Kyabazinga to climb Kagulu hill up to the peak.
  • Footballer and sports promoter that is why Kigulu chiefdom has always taken Masaza Cup Trophy.
  • He was an advocate, team and network builder with state and state house (a friend to President Museven), international, national, local agencies and individuals and Kingdoms. Among the organizations are the Iganga District Local Government, The hunger project, FIDA-Uganda, Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau(UPMB), The Red Cross Society-Uganda, the Latter Day Saints, NGO forum.
  • He advocated for disease control, education of the girl child, end of sexual Gender Based Violence, prevention of Teenage pregnancies and early marriages, incest, homosexuality, promoted intermarriages agriculture among others (mind set changer)
  • He loved Busoga and Abasoga through a number of programs like being at the forefront of all cultural functions, sharing with others cultural norms, values, beliefs and symbols (Organizing Ngobi day).
  • He was an environmentalist, he participated in the walk for environmental change organized by walker Association Ministry of Water and Environment- save Bungoma Forest.

Marital Status

He got married in 1983 and formalized his marriage (wedded) on 01/07/2017 to Mrs Rose Namulondo Nabagereka Izimba (owo obuttiko) the wedding was graced by The Rt. Rev. Patrick Wakula.

Number of children

  • Princess Harriet Naluja Lyagoba
  • Princess Lorna Lubega
  • Princess Rita Naku
  • Prince Michael Wantante
  • Princess Sylivia Nabirye
  • Princess Prossy Tasiime izimba
  • Prince Rogers Peter Kilegeya
  • Princess Caroline Naigwe
  • Princess Lydia Kulisoma
  • Princess Rebecca Janet Tikabitile
  • Princess Margret Evelyn Kadondo
  • Princess Rachael Bakoba
  • Princess Lillian Nakisikwe
  • Princess Robinah Nakilanda
  • Prince Ngobi Gideon Gilbert Gologolo Kasadha

There will be a Busoga Lukiiko Seating at Busoga Kingdom Headquarters Bugembe on Tuesday, 30th August 2022 starting at 10:00am, thereafter a requiem mass at All Saints Cathedral, Iganga at 02:00pm, followed by the District Council Seating at Iganga District Council Hall starting at 04:00pm after they will proceed with Kigulu Chiefdom Council Seating.

There will be Paying of Respect Speeches by Royals, Community, Local Leaders and other stake holders at Nasuuti- Busimba Village along Iganga- Kaliro Road on Wednesday, 31st August 2022 at 12:00pm, followed by vigil.

There will be a Requiem Mass at St. Paul’s Church of Uganda, Nasuuti on Thursday, 01st September, 2022 starting at 09:00am, followed by burial at St. Paul’s Church of Uganda grounds at 04:00pm.

Informed are: The President of the Republic of Uganda, Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament, Heads of Traditional Institutions, Busoga Chief Royal Council, Busoga Cabinet Ministers, Members of Busoga Lukiiko, Abaise Ngobi Clan, Local Leadership, Subjects of his Majesty the Kyabazinga of Busoga, Relatives, Friends and In-laws.



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