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Date of Funeral

September 2, 2022

I will remember Shwenkuru most for paying my school fees and caring for me when I go to school. I will miss the stories he told me and the trips we went on together. Shwenkuru was funny and caring and I would like to be like him. He was the type of person that would be there for me when I was ill, alone and when I was going through hard times. Shwenkuru told me about his father passing away when he was eleven and Shwenkuru has passed on when I am eleven. That was one of the most rarest and tragic things that happened. He was the man that kept our family in one piece. I loved him for the effort he put into my school fees, the effort he put into the family and the strong bond he had with us. May his soul rest in peace.

Che Bwanungu

Shwenkuru was my friend. I remember him being kind to me. He paid my school fees. He was caring and loving. I want to be hardworking and as kind as he was. He was my greatest supporter and he told me I could achieve anything I put my mind to. He was a courageous man who taught me the importance of discipline and hard work. Shwenkuru was a man of great intellect so when he did speak everyone listened. He was the glue that kept our family together. We shall forever miss him for his great stories, principles and all the love he showed us. Rest well Shwenkuru.

Kyomugisha Kamikazi

A tribute to Hon. Yona B. Kanyomozi.

The death of a special  friend so close to us is of course a time of great grief. A best man to our father Can. Rev. Rwabutururuma. We saw them in photos in 1967 and we’re blessed to have seen them practically matching 50 years later in 2017 when our parents were celebrating 50 years in marriage. You created good vibes, and laughter during family gatherings. We are blessed to have you as part of us. Your generous fatherly advice made to us. You will forever be treasured. May the Almighty rest your soul in peace. Till we meet.

Rev. Can. Y.K Rwabutururuma family

Dear Uncle Yona, It has been an honour and joy to have you as our Uncle. We shall always treasure the time we shared with you, your wisdom, humour and wit. Rest In Peace Dear Uncle.

Hon. Yona Kanyomozi was the husband of the Late Dorothy Mwaniki Kanyomozi, who was the younger sister of Mrs Margaret Kamya.

The family of George Wilson Kamya

Dear Yona, We Praise God who made you part of our family and for the time we spent together.  We Praise God for the wonderful grandchildren,  nephews and nieces that you gave us and that you leave behind. You will always hold a place in our lives. May God grant you a Peaceful Rest

Hon. Yona Kanyomozi was the son-in-law of Mzee Obadiah Mwaniki of Kenya

The family of Mzee Obadiah Mwaniki, Kenya

I have learnt with great sadness of the death of Hon Yona Kanyomozi. Hon Kanyomozi was one of my predecessors as Member of Parliament for Kajara County, in which position he has left a powerful legacy that will be evident for years to come. He was an inspiration for many people from Kajara because of his passion for development and because he acted as a unifying factor for people of different political persuasions.  Hon Yona Kanyomozi has been my mentor and  was influential in shaping my career and political aspirations. I respected him as a father-in-law (he was Uncle to my wife Christine) and my family appreciated him a lot. May God rest his soul in Eternal Peace.

Hon Stephen Tashobya (MP Kajara 2006-2016)

The Nganwa Family learnt with shock and sorrow of the sudden and untimely death of their long-time and dear family friend Yona Kanyomozi. We vividly recall that he always talked highly of our father, Kesi Nganwa, particularly of the great role he played in promoting education which enlightened the Ankole community, and ultimately the community’s well-being and development, as reflected in the strong cooperative movement which Yona adored and, himself later on in life, championed and led in his role as Minister of Cooperatives. Yona told us passionately of the many brilliant, young Ankole students whom our father supported, including Yona himself, in attaining higher levels of education, with many becoming prominent citizens who held high offices nationally. Yona was friends with, and respected by, all members of the Nganwa Family, young and old. He was with the family in happy and sad times. We will always remember Yona as a principled individual who remained steadfast even in the face of adverse situations. Rest in perfect peace Yona. You are loved!

Nganwa Family of Ruharo, Mbarara

Yona Kanyomozi has been my childhood brother, friend and colleague. We met at Ntare School and have been very close family friends to date. Intelligent, resourceful and determined to succeed in life. Yona was my best man when I married Beatrice. I will remember him as a principled, committed politician, brilliant economist and dedicated cooperative movement promoter. He impacted several communities. He was a family man who loved his grandchildren very dearly and loved his wife, Dorothy, and children in equal measure. Until we meet again, fare thee well Brother Yona.

Sir. Richard Kaijuka

The sudden and unexpected passing on of Honorable Yona Kanyomozi yesterday, Sunday 28th August 2022, late afternoon at Nakasero Hospital, Kampala, left me helpless and confused but equally shocked. For he has been a person who is extremely careful and disciplined about his life, his family, and anything of importance to him. For sure his sudden departure from this world has grieved many. Since about 1967 when I was a young economist in the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development at Entebbe and him an official of the then the Uganda Electricity Board, we got to know each other as the Banyakajara. Our brotherly friendship deepened when he later joined me at the African Development Bank, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, in 1978 when our 2 families got to know each other affectionately. He used to tease me that am married to his sister and must take care of her. Yona, fare thee well. Till we meet again.

David K Twahirwa

Yonasani Kanyomozi and I, were cousins, and grew up together in Rukoni present day Kibatsi subcounty Kajara County Ntungamo District. We worked together in politics and for the development of Kajara and beyond. He was very passionate about cooperatives as a vehicle for development. I particularly recognise the role Yona and his late sister Flora Kyomugisha played in providing safe harbor for my children in Kampala. Rest in Peace brother, we hope to meet again.

Jomo Kindyomunda and family

Transforming Societies or Countries needs men & women who are driven by principles & values. It needs men & women who  cannot be compromised  & who are resilient. The late Hon Yona Kanyomozi has not only been a principled political actor but he has also been resilient. He has struggled for what he believed in without vacillating until his demise. Fare thee well Yona. May the Almighty rest his Soul in eternal peace.

Hon Maj Gen (Rtd) Mugisha Muntu

MY TRIBUTE TO MY MENTOR. Uganda’s most principled politician, in my view, is gone. Gone to be with his Creator! I may not , given Hon Kanyomozi Bankobeza Yonasani, larger than life profile, be qualified to talk about him! But I will talk about Kanyomozi the simple man, my mentor, my friend, my client, and a father-like figure to me. I first met Yona, as we often called him, while at Makerere in the early 1990’s as a then very active UPC youth. We would often go to his house for meetings and enjoyed delicious food prepared by his kind, amiable wife. From then our paths crossed so many times that, in my ordinary way, I became his friends and lawyer. Over the years, from the time Wilson Twamuhabwa introduced me to him, we have shared meals regularly, discussed politics, law and everything in life. He has been at my ancestral burial grounds to mourn and bury my departed. I have been to Rwashamaire to grieve with him. Today, I mourn a friend, who has impacted my life so much that he even saved my life one day, for which I am eternally indebted to his soul! To stay principled, dedicated, and trustworthy in this country is one of the most difficult things today but Yona did it for 81 years. May the soul of a great UPC politician, a great economist, a great mentor and above all a principled man, rest in eternal peace!

Counsel Omongole Richard!

I wish I didn’t have to do this, but it would be remiss not to say something about; Hon. Yona, Uncle Yona, or Grandpa Yona – all are his appropriate references to the man before us today. As he used to say, Hon. Yona is our big brother but because of the difference in age he would also pass as a young uncle, so we all settled for uncle. He was sophisticated in style, but easy on us. You would get off easily if you had a good report from school. He was a godfather to Ndugu. In the absence of our father, Hon. Yona played the role very well, and we couldn’t ask for more from him. During marriage ceremonies, funerals, and all other family functions, he has been the anchor to hold onto.

In the early stages of looking for our father’s remains, he said it was the right thing to do, & once I got his go ahead, we began the journey immediately, and he referred me to a firm of investigators, who left no stone unturned leading  us to the envisaged result. There were many opposing views, including some from the family, but if Hon Yona agreed, nothing was going to stop us. He made you feel invincible. All the children revered grandpa Yona. He had a story for them, and they all know he is cool.

“He was a really nice guy.” Otandeka Laki🙏🏾

“He was one of the greats.” Mbangira Laki.

“He was so full of life.” Kagi Laki.

“This is tragic” Asiimwe Laki

Ebya Hon. Yona nibiringwa nink’ebya Kani.

Mr. Duncan ***

Yona was my teacher in Junior I at Mbarara High School in 1960. He employed my wife in Nairobi during the exile period. He was a godparent to my son Henry, we were members of Save Uganda Movement (SUM), a fighting force against Amin’s regime. We were members of parliament and Cabinet members together. Yona was a true Patriot, Pan-Africanist, a liberator, and a transformational leader who touched the lives of many and left a permanent mark in the economic history of Uganda. He is a reliable, dependable, and highly knowledgeable friend. I will greatly miss his advice and his friendship.

Hon. Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu

We have been neighbors with the Kanyomozis’ since 1987. They have been reliable and caring neighbors since. It is sad that within such a short time, we’ve lost both Yona and Dorothy. We will treasure the joys we have shared throughout this period specifically with Yona, his sense of humor and ardent dancing.

Peace and James Musinguzi Garuga

Vigil will be held at his residence in Mbuya on Tuesday 30th August 2022.

There will be a funeral service at All Saints Cathedral Nakasero on Wednesday 31st August 2022 starting at 10:00am.

Burial will take place at Rwashamire, Kajara, Ntungamo District on Friday 2nd September 2022 starting at 12:00noon.

Informed are: Relatives, Friends and In-laws



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