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What to do when a death occurs May 21, 2020

  • If the deceased has the medical history, the APlus funeral team will request for it as they pick the body from the home.
  • The client can either request for postmortem to know the cause of death. In case the family doesn’t request for postmortem, the funeral team goes ahead to embalm the body and start burial preparations. Embalming involves body treatment, washing, and dressing.
  • In case of abrupt death, we encourage the family to first call the police for statements, then the funeral team can pick the body of the deceased escorted with police to the city mortuary for police postmortem and final report.
  • Calling the funeral company in such cases is important to maintain the dignity of the deceased. Upon completion of the Police postmortem and final report, the body of the deceased is handed over to the funeral team for embalming which can also be executed at the city mortuary to limit too many movements and tempering of the body

If someone dies in the hospital,

  • The hospital or family of the deceased notifies the funeral team
  • Both hospitals or families can request for postmortem.
  • Then the funeral company takes the body of the deceased to the funeral parlour for embalming and burial preparations.
  • Organize a family meeting to agree on the following;
  • What kind of funeral to have?
  • What kind of services do you intend to use?  Some of the funeral services to be agreed upon may include; Transport, Casket, Professional services, Grave construction, and finishing among others.
  • You can also advise on a suitable day(s) and time(s) to have vigil and hospitality of your fellow mourners, which the funeral team can offer as well.
  • The Funeral program.
  • Notifying the church in time for planning and preparation at the church premise.
  • Providing a funeral notice which the funeral company can through the Radio, TV, and e-platforms.
  • Conduct a site survey at the Burial grounds.
  • Writing of the obituary


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    Victor Anguajibi says

    Indeed you are doing a great job. These are much needed innovations. I didn’t know much till I read through your website. The services appear to be worth the cost for those who can afford.
    Best wishes.

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    Mukisa Wycliffe says

    I appreciate the offer you give to us God bless you am a car wiring engineer can I get a job please

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    Mahoro Stellah Uwimaana says

    Do you have a saving scheme for Ugandans who want to prepare for there death?
    Does the saving accumulate some interest?

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