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TARCISSE KARENZI August 21, 2023

Date of Funeral

August 25, 2023

Mr. Tarcisse Karenzi was a devoted Father of 4 and a loving husband who loved his God with devotion. He was an honorary church elder and an admiral Christian. His life ends without reproach in the eyes of many.

He was a civil servant; a man of peace, integrity, patience, wisdom and honor. He was a devoted Father and a loyal, caring husband. He was an exemplary leader who served with professionalism, dignity and a team spirit at The Ministry of Lands.

He was born in 1953. As a younger man growing up in Ntungamo district, he toiled his way through education and joined The Ministry of Lands where he has served for all his life. He retired in 2013 and stayed over as a mentor and coach until July 2023. He was sent off to full retirement after a reputable distinct lifelong service.

We the family and friends are content that Daddy has run his race faithfully and consistently to the last. Daddy maintained a steady and personal relationship with God and never wavered in faith. His last prayer was in the presence of His wife and children, saying “Yesu Ntwaala”, translated “Jesus take me”. Like our Lord Jesus, he willingly surrendered his earthly life to the Father in Peace.

We do not mourn his passing for we know that he has only taken his well-earned rest with The Lord. We witness without a doubt that Daddy now rests with the angels. We celebrate his life and impact. We shall see him again in glory.

Nihaza kubabo okushabira omubiri gwomugyezi omumaka ge orwakaana ebiro 24th.08.2023 okutandika shaha ina (10:00am) Zomukasheshe bwanyima habeho okuterama okundi omumaka gaabo Ntungamo.

Bwanyima nazikwa aha rwakataano ebiro 25th.08.2023 omumaka ge Ntungamo .

Abanyabuzare n’abanyamikago mwena mwamanyisibwa.


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