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Robert was born on 9th November 1948 in Kamuli, Uganda.  The word Kamuli means, ‘flower.’  Robert went to primary in Kamuli and secondary school in Tororo.  He then went to Makerere College School in Kampala. His first job was with Uganda Commercial Bank and while there he studied for the first part of his banking qualifications which he passed successfully.  In 1980, Robert left Uganda for the UK to complete further exams and was qualified as an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers.  While he was studying for these exams at Ealing college in London, whenever the teacher called out the register of the names of the people attending the course, the teacher tried but could never pronounce Robert’s surname properly.  Instead of saying Kyewalyanga, which always got wrong, after having read out every other students name, he would just say “and the other one” referring to Robert.  Waiswa is in fact Robert’s middle name and perhaps one people found easier to pronounce.  In 1988 he returned to Uganda to work for Uganda Commercial Bank for two years before returning to the UK in 1990.  From 1995 onwards Robert was self-employed.  Robert had a passion for cars and also loved meeting people.  In fact his interest in cars meant that people would often ask him to help them to decide what car to buy.

Robert was a kind and caring man, always ready to help anyone.  He was smart and intelligent.  Back in Uganda he had studied the Bible as part of a course at school and had a very good memory for Bible verses.  Even years later, Belinda knew that if she was looking to find a particular verse in the Bible to teach Sunday school, her Dad would probably be able to help her find it.  He was witty, enjoyed telling jokes, making people laugh and teasing.  In fact when his daughters were younger, they would often have to go and double check what their Dad had said to them with Martha, just to see if it was true, or more of a wind up.  On one occasion, Robert and a friend had just moved to England and they were hungry.  Tell funny story……..

Robert was very laid back and easy to talk to.  He was like a Father-figure to quite a number of people.  Because he was so easy to talk to, people would come and ask him questions and open up to him.

Robert had a bright mind and loved TV quiz shows.  He also loved food, especially African food.  And he was probably happiest when all the family were together.

Robert and Martha’s romance started back in 1977.  They got married in Uganda a year later in 1978.  They met through the bank.  Martha was working in the University branch and Robert at the bank in Kampala.  They were together for 44 years.

Robert’s body is going to be flown out to Uganda later this month.  There will be prayers said at St.Luke’s Church, Ntinda on the outskirts of Kampala and then his body will be taken to be buried on 25th September in Butende which is in the Kamuli district of Uganda.

You will all have different memories of Robert – as a husband, a father, a relative or a friend.  I encourage you to treasure all the positive memories that you have of Robert.




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    Jessica Bamutire says

    Uncle Robert, let me call you Muna, for the last time. I will miss talking to you in Lusoga whenever I come to your house. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend, listner, brother-in-law and the closest Uncle to my children over the years. Thank you for looking after my sister . We will miss you dearly. May the Good Lord Rest your Soul in Peace.

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