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Date of Funeral

November 19, 2022

Peter was born in Kisoro District on the 1st of February in 1936, he is the second child and first son of Thomas Malembo and Berta Nyirakigwene.

He was baptized on 5th Feb 1936. His mother gave birth to him at home without any medical support and his father came home that evening after a normal day teaching at school and found that he was born. He was baptized quickly as his older sister Margret had died two weeks after birth and there was a perception that this was because his parents who were relatively new converts to Catholicism had not followed certain rights or had sins that led to her death. This also explains dad’s baptismal name “Ntakirutimana” meaning “nothing is Greater than God”. It signified his parent’s total commitment to God to avoid the misfortune that had befallen their first born Margret perhaps as it was thought due to their unworthiness or lack of full commitment to their relatively new found Catholic faith.


  • Margarita Hakizimana (Deceased)
  • John Baptist Kabera (Deceased)
  • Mary (Maria Jacob) Mukandekezi (Deceased)
  • Victoria Mukankusi (Deceased)
  • Anastasia Kabayundo
  • Adella Kabihogo
  • John Mary Vianney Ngaboyisonga (Ngabo) (Deceased)
  • Boniconsili Mukandutiye
  • Joseph Ruhamya (Deceased)


  • Mary Anne Nyirahabimana (Deceased)
  • Victoria Mbaziira


  • Edith (Diana) Kangeyo Ntaki Andoh
  • Paul Claude Uwingenzi Sine Ntaki
  • Dr. Elizabeth (Betty) Caroline Muhiire Ntaki
  • Francis Peter (Jr.) Gakuba Ntaki (Deceased)
  • Dr. Pamela Nyiramahoro Ntaki
  • Helen Nyiraneza Ntaki
  • Anthony Nsengiyunva Ntaki


  • Adjoa G Andoh
  • Sikama A Andoh
  • Adoma A Andoh
  • Therase Pamela Ntaki (Deceased)
  • Raphael (Rudy) Rudatsikira Sine
  • Michelle Nyagoma Sine
  • Gabriela Nyakato Sine
  • David Malembo Sine
  • Roman Peter Ntaki
  • Victoria Maria Immaculate (Imma) Ntaki Nyakaana
  • Catherine (Catie) Grace Ntaki Nyakaana
  • Leigh Marie Kiesha Ntaki


  • Boniface Ntahontuye (Husband of Maria)
  • Cecilia Iryamukuru (Wife of John)
  • Charles Turimurugendo (Husband of Adella)
  • Alevera Ngabo (Wife of Vianney)
  • Emily Kamagaju (Wife of Joseph)

Sons and Daughters In-Law

  • Stephen Andoh (Husband of Edith)
  • Margaret Beatrice Kunihira Tusiime (Akiiki) (Wife of Paul)
  • Goodman Charles Nyakaana (Husband of Betty)
  • Ann Blannerhassett (Wife of Francis)
  • Scott Middleton (Husband of Helen)


Peter being a son of a teacher had the opportunity to start school at a very early age.

  • 1942 – 1948: Mutolere Primary School where he received a Primary Leaving Certificate.
  • 1949 – 1951: Rushoroza Junior Secondary School where he received a Junior Leaving Certificate.
  • 1952 – 1954: St. Mary’s College Kisubi where he earned a 1st Grade Cambridge School Certificate.
  • 1955 – 1960: Makerere University then known as Makerere College where he earned a Diploma in Agriculture.

Work History

Internship: (Student at Makerere)

While studying at Makerere University, during his long vacation he worked in Kihihi (now a district) with Mr. Rubumba settling people from Kisoro to Kihihi.

Assistant Agriculture Officer: (Ministry of Agriculture)

In 1960 after graduating from Makerere University he joined the Department of Agriculture under Major Ellis who was then, the District Agriculture Officer, Peter’s duties included supervising coffee nurseries, prison farms, tobacco growing and soil conservation until 1961 when he was recruited by B.A.T.

Marketing Salesman: (B.A.T – East African Tobacco Company)

Peter worked as a Salesman in the Marketing Department from 1961 to 1964. Where he held various posts and was promoted numerous times;

Grade II Salesman 1961

Grade I Salesman and Grade Salesman 1962

Divisional Salesman 1963

Marketing Manager

He began his management career in 1964, and in 1971 he was posted to Aureol Tobacco Company (Freetown, Sierra Leone) where he worked as Marketing Manager, duties included but not limited to brand planning, research, advertising, distribution and field force activities.

After completing his assignment in West Africa, he was promoted to Divisional Marketing Manager, where he was in charge of the Western and the Eastern regions in East Africa. Duties included all aspects of marketing and distribution.

In 1981 he was promoted again to Production Director, the post he held until he retired in 1989.

Garden Tea

In 1982, during Obote’s regime when tobacco plants were frequently closed, due to lack of raw materials, two friends of his the Mzee Ezra Nyakana and the late Omukama of Tooro Patrick Kaboyo who at the time was working with Mitchell Cotts Nairobi introduced him to the idea of starting a tea company.

Feeling that the future of BAT was bleak and knowing that he needed to be innovative, he started researching the tea industry using all the experience he had gained from BAT. That’s how Garden Tea was born.

In 1985 he started building the tea packing factory in Jinja. Ten years later they purchased an old coffee factory in Monico, which he converted to a tea factory. They also purchased another tea estate in Wampewo (Mityana) opposite Kitalya Prison.

Our Dad

When he was not working 26 hours a day, hence his workaholic kids, his generosity extended far beyond his family.

He focused on educating not just his children, siblings, relatives but everyone who mentioned the key words “school fees”, the list is long. Some of our classmates swear that it was “our” text books that landed them their medical careers.

Often, we run into strangers and this is what they have to say “if it wasn’t for your dad we would never have been educated”.

When we needed extra money for God knows what! we somehow managed to work in the words like “but we need the money for books”.

His home was open to everyone, there was always a relative or two or three or four staying with us, he knew our friends and took interest in what we were up to.

When in boarding school he would write encouraging letters and pay surprise visits on non-visiting Sundays. He listened to our woes and gave great advice.

To his siblings he was their brother, their father, their mother their mentor, their pillar and a shoulder to lean on. They called him “Uncle Peter”. Indeed, he lived up to his name “Peter you are the rock….” .He truly loved people.

For the community he was always there for the Bafumbira’s, the Catholic Church and his employees. He was truly a selfless human being.

He promoted tennis across the country especially among the youth.

He never, never, never stopped learning favorite topics were to mention a few, History, Business, Economics, Geography, Politics there was never a topic beyond his reach of his understanding.

When he fell ill about 2 years ago the doctors would prescribe him medicine, he would as the youngsters call it “googling” the details of the medication, keep in mind he produced 2 doctors but that did not stop him from “googling”.

He loved his Moët & Chandon and his Sunday lunches after mass at The Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala and Sunset Hotel when he moved to Jinja.

Lastly, he had a great sense of humor, enjoyed his laughter and was fully of jokes.

Our cousin summarized his life well “Uncle, you lived a peaceful and fruitful life, you loved people, you loved and served God with all your might. RIP my favorite uncle. You did well while you lived and you touched many lives. You will forever be remembered. Till we meet Daddy”. As you can see, we had to share our dad with everyone he touched.

From our other cousins “we have never known anyone like him”.

“Last but not least, my dear cousin Mr. Peter Ntakirutimana who on several occasions rescued me financially and emotionally, God bless you, Big Brother” Aunty Pauline in her book acknowledging our dad.

From a friend “Fine Gentleman, your Dad. Guided me when I was running my Late Uncle William Braka’s mill in Jinja. We tried packing tea (1990/91) but we couldn’t compete with Garden Tea. We were competitors but he still took time to give me with some tips of the trade…..”

There will be a Requiem Mass at Our Lady of Fatima Church Jinja on Friday 18th November, 2022 starting at 02:00pm followed by the Vigil at his home in Masese.

Burial will take place in Moniko Tea Estate, Lugazi Town Council behind Tembo Steel Limited 40kms along JinjaKampala Highway starting with a mass at Lugazi Catholic Cathedral on Saturday 19th November, 2022 starting at 11:00am. 

Informed are; Relatives, Friends and in-laws                                                                        


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