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Date of Birth: 2nd March 1948

Parents: Opobo Angodia and Adye Layea

Spouses: Lamon Vicky and Mafabi Ochaya

Children: Abolo Christine, Ochaya Charles, Kinyera Geofrey, Atim Dorcus and Adiyo Shirley

Education Background

  • Latolim Primary School
  • Patimo Primary School
  • Joseph College Laibi

Career Background

  • Cotton Harvester
  • LC1 Chairman – Nakawa

Very sad day for Madi Opei and MODA. May God Rest Balam Ocaya Soul in Eternal Peace.

I knew the late Balam Ocaya for a long time particularly during MODA activities. When I was Chairman he was the vice Chairman MODA.

He comes from Pobura clan in Madi Opei Sub county

He worked in Obote Foundation printing section for a long time and later started printing his own worked

Balam was a member of Kampala Madi Opei Association and later helped to form Madi Opei Development Association MODA. He was very instrumental in the registration of MODA as NGO. He was one of the promoters. Balam was the vice chairman MODA for very long time. At the time of his death he was an elder in MODA.  While in MODA Balam was very passionate about uplifting the standard of education in Madi Opei. He participated and spearheaded many projects that were intended to boost the standard of Education in Madi Opei eg purchase of duplicating machine for schools in Madi Opei, purchase of past examinations paper, facilitating pupils who passed PLE very well with mattresses, maths set, dictionary, purchase of desks for St Marys’ College Madi Opei when it had just started etc

In Naguru he was LC 1 Chairman for Naguru Housing Estate for very long time. When the Naguru Estate was vacated he spearheaded the negotiation between the tenants and the KCC/GOU on the issue of Compensation, a service he continued to do up to the time of his death.

Balam was a hard worker and focused. He had MODA at heart. On a number of occasions, he volunteered and printed free of charge receipt books and record books for MODA. Balam was very sincere, honest and a friend to all young and old. He always talked of unity and will be remembered for his fatherly advice.

Madi Opei Community will miss him dearly. May the Lord Rest his soul in peace. Farewell thee Jaja Balam Ocaya till we meet again.

Dr Saverio Pido former Chairman MODA

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