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Born: 28/02/1948

Position: Third Born from the mother
Baptised: 1957, Abutabir Church of Uganda

Birth Place: Dokolo District

Parents: Omong Erunasani & Cecilia Acen

Wife: Nancy Janet Adongo Kolamong

Children: Carol, Arthur, Donald, Fiona and Patricia


  • 1953: Amach Primary School – Erute County
  • 1962: Canon Dongo Modern Junior Secondary School
  • 1963: Boroboro Senior Secondary School, currently Dr. Obote College
  • 1963 (Second Term): Lango College
  • 1967: Sir Samuel Baker Secondary School, Gulu

Fact: Nelson Kolamong was the third born of his mother, he was in the third group to sit
for PLE at Amach Primary, also the third Junior Two cohort at Canon Dongo and the third
group to sit for O-Level at Lango College.
Source: His Autobiography


  • August 23, 1969: Flew to Russia as a recipient of the Russia-Uganda Government Scholarship.
  • December 1969: Kyiv (read Kiev) State University.
  • July 1970: Kyiv Institute of National Economics.
  • Graduated: 1974 with a Master’s Degree in Economics and Applied Statistics.
  • 1982: Post-Graduate Diploma in Trade Promotion, Pin-Africa Institute in Milan, Italy.


  • 1968: Geography & History Teacher at Dokolo Senior Secondary (now Dokolo Technical Sch).
  • 1974: Research Assistant – Uganda Advisory Board of Trade.
  • 1977: Fled to exile in Tanzania, through Kenya due to political persecution from Idi Amin.
  • 1977: Finance and Planning Officer at Tanzania’s National Development Corporation (NDC) where he supervised over 25 companies.
  • 1978: Promoted to Senior Planning and Financial Officer.
  • 1980: Returns to Uganda and starts as the Deputy Director of Research and Consultancy, Department for the Uganda Advisory Board of Trade.
  • 1981: Promoted to Executive Director, Operations in the Export Promotions Council.
  • 1986: Export Promotions Council renamed to Export Promotions Board. Appointed Director for Trade Promotion.
  • 1991: International Trade at the Indian Institute for Foreign Trade (IIFT) funded by the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation.
  • 1996: Retired from active service.

Boards he sat on

  • 1986: Board of Directors, Pepsi Uganda
  • 1989: Director, Export Promotions Board
  • 1991: Elder’s Council, All Saints’ Cathedral, Kampala

Political Involvement:

  • Attended the 1979 Moshi Conference of Senior Ugandan and Tanzanian leaders after Amin’s ouster
  • Met with Dr Apollo Milton Obote in Tanzania and delivered a personal letter to Peter
  • Owili at Nile Mansions. That letter led to the overthrow of the transitional government and ushered in the Obote II government
  • Met with Saddam Hussein in the let 1970s when the latter was vice president and de facto leader of Iraq

During his work:

  • He was among the first Ugandans to acquire a government authorized passport
  • Visited over 27 countries; 13 in Africa, 10 in Europe and 4 in Asia and the Middle East
  •  Introduced Ugandan Coffee to Middle East markets
  • Made Uganda Waragi a top export in the United States of America
  • Contributed directly to Uganda’s GDP growth from 1980-1991
  • Introduced Uganda to the International SGS products verification for imports and exports
  • He had just finished writing his autobiography which is under the publication process (2021)

Knowing God
He was an ardent believer in God and his blessed words. He believed in the Holly trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holly Spirit. He confessed Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, he repented his sins, he forgave everyone who had wronged him and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and savior.

He spent his final years reading the bible, praying, and knowing more about God.
He was a father, a husband, a community member, a responsible citizen, a friend, and a member of church of Uganda-All Saints’ Cathedral, Kampala.


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