123, landmark address

NAKATE CHRISTINE December 6, 2021

Yazalibwa: April 1927

Yawumudde: 2nd December 2021

Abazadde be: Omugenzi Joseph n’omugenzi Tereza Sempiija.

Omwana we: Naziwa Efrance

There will be a Funeral Service at St. Luke’s Church of Uganda, Kibanyi on Sunday 05th December, 2021 starting at 02:00pm, thereafter a vigil will be held at their home in Bamunanika, Kibanyi.

Burial will take place at their home in Bamunanika, Kibanyi on Monday 06th December, 2021 at 02:00pm.

Informed are:

The Katikkiro of Buganda,

Speaker of Parliament and Deputy,

Members of Parliament,

Archbishop of the Church of Uganda,

Bishop Eridadi Nsubuga and Clergy,

Bishop Semwogerere, Vika General Kasana- Luwero and the entire clergy of Catholic Church,

District Khadi,

Seventh day Adventist Church,

Pentecostal Church,

Chairperson Local Council 5, greater Luwero, Chief Administrative Officer, Local Leaders,

Relatives, Friends and In-laws.

The burial will be in accordance with current burial guidelines and restrictions.

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