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Mzee Muzaale was born on 26th January 1936 in Kananage Bukele village, Kamuli District. He started his education from Lubaga Primary
School Kamuli and he was later taken to Nawanede Primary School. After his primary, Mzee joined Nawangoma School for Junior and there after, he dropped out in Junior 2.

He started his business in cattle trading from Buyende concentrating mostly in Kasambira, Jinja and Kampala. Mzee has been a farmer mainly in maize, coffee, cotton and cattle rearing Mzee Muzaale married 3 wives, 1st Wife – Namugambo Edinasa from Nabirumba who gave birth to 10 Children, 2nd Wife – Tereza from Buzibira Kamuli District who gave birth to 4 Children, 3rd Wife – Lovisa Tabiramu from Kiyunga Kamuli, who gave birth to 8 children.

Mzee had a total number of 21 Children, 100 Grand Children and 40 Great Grand Children, the late loved education so much and most of
his children have Degrees, Diplomas and certificates

1. Esther Muzaale
2. Bazibu James
3. Balidawa Alex
4. Kowa Milton
5. Mirabu Kakwibi
6. Christopher Kasadha
7. Nangobi Kawala
8. Kyakulaga Godfrey
9. Susan Kawala Nangobi
10. Betty Takola
11. Muzaale Wilson Balizizi
12. Byobona Agnes
13. Muzaale Mugabi Martin Kisule
14. Lydia Bakita
15. Charles Mugabi
16. Emmanuel Muzaale Wilson
17. Kiribaka Moses (Late)
18. Babalanda Samuel (Late)
19. Balinene Grace (Late)
20. Tibitha Barbara (Late)
21. Rose Mukyala (Late)

Vigil will be held at Kasambira- Nawanende, Kamuli District today Wednesday 29th October, 2021.

Burial will take place at their home in Kasambira- Nawanende, Kamuli District on Thursday 30th September, 2021 starting with a service at 10:00am.
Informed are: Relatives, Friends and in-laws.

Order of Service (Below)

Order of Service Muzaale-4


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    Mutesi Evalyne says

    I extend my deepest sympathies to you honourable and your entire family. May the soul of your Mzee be at peace with our heavenly father

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