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MARTIN OSUBAN July 13, 2021

Parents: Papa Emorimor Augustine K. Lemukol Osuban and Toto Akaliat Agnes Agwang

Date of Birth: 7th December 1970

Bate of Baptism: 1970, in the Catholic Church

Wedded:18th December 2010 to Martha Osuban

Survived by: One wife and 01 Child Baby Martina


  • Lake Victoria Primary School
  • S1-S6 – St. Mary’s College Kisubi, 1985-1991
  • Bachelor of Arts in Education – IUIU, 1994
  • Master’s Degree in Planning and Management – MUK, 2014


  • Education Officer, SMACK, 1994-2003
  • Education Officer, St. Mary’s College Namagunga, 2003-2005
  • Senior Education Officer, Ministry of Education and Sports Headquarters, 2006-2012
  • Principal Education Officer, Ministry of Education and Sports Headquarters, 2013-2017
  • Assistant Commissioner, Government Secondary Education, 2018-2021

Burial will take place at their home in Serere on Tuesday 13th July, 2021.

Informed are: Relatives, Friends and In-Laws.

As per the presidential guidelines, Strictly 20 people.


  1. REPLY
    Timothy Musoke Ssejjoba says

    This is a terribly sad time. However I want to celebrate the great life that Martin Osuban has been to many people. Martin was a great guy, resourceful, approachable and very amiable. I shall greatly miss him. My heart goes out to the widow and the baby Princess. We pray that God upholds you my dears. Papa Emorimor and the entire family, we stand with you in this time and pray with you. Martin, i will miss you so so much but i let you go.. Rest in peace!

    • REPLY
      Rosette Nanyanzi says

      Martin, you will forever be remembered for your humility. Till we meet again. Rest well our friend

  2. REPLY
    Sam Kuloba C/GSE says

    Marti, i have not yet believed you are no more yet its true, im looking at your desk, your humour is all over me, your committment to duty un rivaled, RIP Martin

  3. REPLY
    Caroline Taliba says

    Indeed you were a my guardian angel. The angels took. You to a better place, and I know you are rejoicing and praising., May the Creator accept our prayers on your behalf. Amen.

    • REPLY
      Regina Aiyo says

      Martin may your soul rest in peace. I remember the last time I was in the Ministry you were busy trying to complete work at your desk and you had a meeting to attend to.We shall miss your service to the nation

  4. REPLY
    Quraish Jjumba says

    Not much did i know about him, but the smile he gave to every one as he came for work. he gave me hope when ever we talked, the good morning and good evening he gave me every time we crossed paths
    such a great man we have lost, REST WELL YOUR IN A BETTER PLACE

  5. REPLY
    Nimanya Garry says

    I have lost a friend and a brother. We did alot together as young men after University and after. I can’t comprehend the fact that you have gone this soon. RIP Martin.

  6. REPLY
    Oketcho nephital says

    Very good responsible, respectful and of humor May God grant you journey mercy rest in peace

  7. REPLY
    Nelson Wanambi Kisolo says

    Martin, you demonstrated the social capital you achieved in your lifetime in all circumstances I happened to interact with you! You were such amiable human being, with very rare social interpersonal relationships! Very ready to help those in need. You helped my son in SMACK with remedial lessons and you kept on calling me on how he was progressing! What a pity that you have gone so soon! May the almighty God give you peaceful rest and also strengthen Papa Emori mori and above the young family. REST IN PEACE NDUGU.

  8. REPLY
    Elizabeth kateme says

    Martin, we shall miss yu in our circles!! But, its Gid who gives and takes away. We felebrate yr life!!
    RIP Martin.

  9. REPLY
    Barigye John says

    A humble officer with a heart of gold. My condolences to the bereaved family

  10. REPLY
    Graceful E B says

    Gone too soon 😢. Martin .May the Holy Angels receive and lead you to his merciful eyes .Rest in eternal peace l pray amen

  11. REPLY
    Okunu Morris says

    O’Martin, is can’t imagine you are no more with us. You untimely departure has caused terrible shock in my heart that will never be forgotten for decades. God have mercy on us and receive martin in your eternal rest in heaven till we meet him again.

  12. REPLY
    Moses Musingo says

    Thessalonians 4:14 – For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again: even them who have slept through Jesus, God will bring with Him.

    • REPLY
      Joseph Muwonge says

      Amen. We thank God for the good times we shared with Martin.🙏🏾

  13. REPLY
    Frances Atima says

    Its indeed unbelievable that you have gone to be in glory with the Lord too.soon . You have left un indelible mark in the sector and touched many people by your actions . Fare thee well Martine
    May the Angels receive you .

  14. REPLY
    Kaweesi Daniel says

    So sad Martin to have lost you at such a young age . We your colleagues attests to your good character and excellent work you have done in the entire journey of your career- You have done a good job and your best 🙏May the Almighty bless you and grant your soul eternity . My Sympathies go out to the wife and young baby you have left and your entire family and friends . May God grant us all the grace to handle this loss

  15. REPLY
    Kizito Mohammed says

    My sincere condolences to the family, may his soul rest in peace.

  16. REPLY
    Mutebi Ronald says

    In such moments of sadness, it was always you who made us feel strong with your humourous jokes and smiles. Now how do we deal with your sudden departure? Who will lift us up from this pain? Martin I know you would never approve of us crying but its painful to accept you’ve left us this soon. However even though we cant stop the tears now, death will never take away the wonderful moments we shared in life. Our strength is in the Lord that allowed us to share this life with you and we know he has called you to be with him. Thank you for touching our lives and RIP my friend Martin.

  17. REPLY
    Godfrey Akileng says

    Extremely sad. Martin you served humanity without discrimination. Loved and served your God. Heartfelt condolences to your family and Papa Emorimor and Toto. May God be merciful to your soul and grant you peaceful rest in eternity.

  18. REPLY
    Dr. Olive Lunyolo says

    Martin we shall greatly miss you. You exhibited a character of servanthood by serving everyone with humility regardless of status. Gone so soon. We shall dearly miss you. Pray that the Almighty Lord strengthens and comforts your family.

  19. REPLY
    Rosie Agoi says

    Martin i will miss you.You were such a jovial and down to earth colleague.You offered quick fixes to tough issues. Fare thee well.

  20. REPLY
    Philip Katabulawo says

    A great genuine and humorous friend we had in Martin. Even with the enormous responsibility bot at Office and home, Martin was full of humility. In respect of the wonderful friend you always were to us,we shall celebrate your legacy and cherish the wonderful experiences shared along your journey of life. Our condolences to the family Papa Emorimor and our prayers for Martha and the beautiful baby Martina. May Martin’s soul rest in eternal peace.

  21. REPLY
    Sarah Ayesiga Assistant Commissioner Inclusive and Non-Formal Education Education says

    Martin, your life was a gift to us all and for sure we have benefited from your unconditional service and friendship. We shall miss you. May The Lord grant you Eternal Peace for ever Amen.

  22. REPLY
    Peace Batta says

    Martin i will forever miss you….my best friend ..its really hard for me that yr no more ….Martin rest in Peace…

  23. REPLY
    Patrick Akora says

    Martin you were special to me whenever I visited Moes but the God you served has called you. There is nothing to add on, may you be received by your Angels in heaven.

  24. REPLY
    Mary Ntete Gunteese says

    Words cannot express how heartbreaking it is to realize that Martin will not be with us anymore. Martin made a positive impact on all of us in the Secondary Education department and we shall forever be grateful for his motivational skills, professionalism, humbleness and kind heart. It will be hard to bare his absence on his desk next to mine in office. I pray that God rewards his works. My deepest sympathies to you Papa, Mama, Wife, baby Princess and entire family. RIP Martin.

  25. REPLY
    Musingo Stephen says

    We have lost a great jolly friend. May the Almighty God strengthen the bereaved family. Martin RIP

  26. REPLY
    Mrs. Agnes. Ssebayigga says

    May the Good Lord receive you and rest your soul in eternal peace. We shall miss your humility and gentility.
    Eternal rest grant unto him oh Lord. And let perpetual llight shine on him. May he rest in peace. Amen.

  27. REPLY
    Simon Peter Wakooba says

    Martin you’re a gift to many who interacted with you. Your contagious smiles are a mark to us who worked and lived with you. The gap is too big to bear. We thank God for your life on earth and pray that He welcomes you into his kingdom. RIP Martin

  28. REPLY
    Patrick M Kalunda says

    Many condolences to the family on the loss of my OB, all the way from Lake Vic to SMACK. RIP Martin

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