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Date of birth: 11th November 1937

Parents: Nasanairi Mukhwana and Tabitha Kakai ( Khaira)


  • Florence Maima Kanyanya
  • Betty Kharono Kanyanya (RIP).

Children (13)

Deirdre, Peter (RIP), Fred, Martin, Norah (RIP) Charles (RIP), Bernard, Lizy , Jonathan , Rita ( RIP), Alison, Noreen and Ronnie

Grand children (27)

Fay, Morris, Pande, Mudebo, Ilona, Nandi, Misha, Atila, Theola, Ben, Mudebo Anis, Gift, Noah ,Charity, Isaac, Leo, Maliza, Nathan, Ryan, Peter, Alvin, Gabriel, Alaine, Jasmine, Laris and Leticia.


21st December 1947 in Busiu church of Uganda by Rev. S. Tomusange

Circumcised: 1952

Working experience

  • Worked as a cashier in Maluku at District up to 1967
  • Joined Mbale as Senior Housing Manager on 2nd December 1967
  • Promoted to Senior Principal Accountant in charge of tax, promoted to Assistant Treasurer and then retired on 1st November 1992

There will be a funeral service at the Mukhwana residence, Kireka today, 2nd February 2022 starting at 4:00pm.

There will be another funeral service at St. Andrew’s Cathedral Bukoto on Thursday, 3rd February 2022 starting at 9:00am -11:00am followed by another service at St. Andrew’s Cathedral Mbale starting at 4:00pm.

Vigil will be held at their home in Bukhumwa- Mbale on Friday, 4th February 2022.

Burial will take place at their ancestral home in Bukhumwa- Mbale on Saturday, 5th February 2022 starting with a funeral service at 11:00am.

Informed are:

Relatives, Friends and In-laws.

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