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IDAH DOREEN June 27, 2021

Date of Birth: 01/ 01/ 1981

Date of Death: 25/06/2021

Parents: Godfrey Tebesigwa and Jennifer Tebesigwa

Education Background:

  • Njeru Primary School
  • Noa Mawagali Secondary School
  • Mukono Town Academy
  • Uganda Christian University



  1. REPLY
    Hildah Nakirijja says

    Although you are physically gone, you will forever be in our hearts ♥️

  2. REPLY
    Adrian Arizera says

    Doreen you left at wrong time, at a time when life was just blossoming, We shared many moments, full of life and smiles. Desire the sickness I was very hopeful that you will just fight over this thing of Covid and we meet again to laugh about this disease. This Covid cannot allow us to escort you to your final resting place, and comfort your family. However, we are missing you and only God will fill this gap. We pray to God to keep us strong during this time

  3. REPLY
    Mutungi says

    You were an Angel on earth, you’re an Angel in heaven . God lends us his favorite children to share their love and joy with us people on earth and Dowi that’s what you did and were to everyone you knew . He guards his people jealously so he has taken you because he loved you more than we did . I will forever cherish our friendship. I love you today and to infinity . Rest with the Angels hun wange .

    My deepest condolences to the family (Mama kazungu,Tata kazungu, Bella , Allen .Mbabazi, Hope , Marion and everyone ) Idah is in Heaven .
    May the almighty Strengthen and comfort y’all .

    Rejoice Dowi in heaven .

  4. REPLY
    Baker Kintu Nakibinge says

    Idah darling,
    You were a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.
    Your smiles opened the tightest of locks.
    Your salaams were profound.
    You brought bliss to all of us that got to know you personally.
    You were flamboyant as you were angelic.
    Words can never do just to the great spirit that was you.
    You were an untamed beauty beyond measures.
    Those of us that shared the pure joy that was your company will forever be testaments to your life.
    You not only existed but you lived.
    If we your friends are this torn to shredds, I wonder what your family is going through. May Allah grant them strength, faith, comfort and unweivering hope in this trying time, Ameen Ya Rabbi

    I fancied you then, I fancy you now & I’ll forever fancy you.

  5. REPLY
    Nicholas niwamanya says

    It’s hard to believe that your no more, we shall miss your ever smiling face, good heart, care and Love, till me meet again.May your soul rest in peace

  6. REPLY
    Christine Ssali says

    My Idah babe💝, my love❤️, my confidant, my partner in crime💔💔💔
    Life will never be the same without you my Idah😭😭 I miss you so much!💔
    May the good Lord rest your beautiful soul in peace babe!🙏
    You will forever be at heart!🤍
    Fly higher my Angel😇🕊
    Give Maama Anne a big hug for me love🌺
    Sleep tight my love🤍
    I love you forever my babe❤️❤️

  7. REPLY
    Florence Ssali says

    It feels like i have lost a chunk of my heart 💔💔. May the angels receive you with open arms munange. Thank you for sharing your beautiful soul with me. Our song might have ended but the melody lingers on. The memories we shared no one can steal and your departure has left me with a heartache no one can heal. You will forever be engraved on my heart . Until we meet again … rest in paradise my Doreen Idah

  8. REPLY
    Joan says

    Gone but not forgotten. We shall miss your smile and laughter. RIP my darling

  9. REPLY
    Samuel Peterson M says

    Aidah,u will always remain in our hearts,RIP

  10. REPLY
    Samuel Peterson M says

    Aidah,u will always remain in our hearts,RIP and power, till we meet again.

  11. REPLY
    Mummy Ann says

    My Mameda wange you have been my bestie, my forever sister, my confidant, my happy space, my go to person. I am going to miss you so much, we are broken, but we find comfort in the Lord and know that you are before the Lord Jesus. Smile away my dear, and rest in peace.

  12. REPLY
    Busingye Esther says

    May you find comfort in the Lord who is the source of our strength. Tata, mama na bana mutunurire Yesu yeka kubanga kyekidukiro kyafe omubezi ataburawo mukulaba enaku. Our beautiful soul Aida Doreen is with his maker. Rest in peace my daughter .

  13. REPLY
    lanyero julz says

    May you rest with the angels my dear friend.

  14. REPLY
    Tina says

    Dear Ida, we will forever miss u.
    Rest with Angels dear.

  15. REPLY
    Sylvia says

    You have loved every one equally regardless of who is who,always happy and comforting in terms of hardship,caring and a person for all.we shall miss u dearly,surely u are charming the heavenly Angel’s.until we meet again.

  16. REPLY
    Racheal Mulambuzi says

    I still don’t want to believe this, death is not something we can ever get used to.
    Doreen I pray you are in a safe place and may your joy continue and be with you. Your smile and warm heart will truly be missed by many.
    May The Almighty comfort your family in this sad moment. Keep resting in Peace

  17. REPLY
    Sunita Fernandes says

    Doreen will always be remembered as a person with a very cheerful demeanour, vibrant and friendly who was loved by one and all. She had a very beautiful smile too. I don’t think there was anyone who came to her and did not get a sympathetic ear. Doreen, I pray that you rest in peace and you continue to smile upon your loved ones. You will be missed by many. Sincere condolences to the family.

  18. REPLY
    Sudheer Kumar says

    I saw her for 6 months from the time I joined. Her innocent smile, warm wishing always impressed me and gave a positive impression. Even when she was leaving the job I felt we are missing a good human being.. we thought we miss her in company, but never thought we miss her in this world. God has really done injustice to her. Whatever may be his plan is for her…. but this shouldn’t have happened. She had a bright future n wonderful life and all sudden came to an end. May her soul rest in peace.

  19. REPLY
    Diane says

    I choose to celebrate the time you came into my world Ma’Idah and the memories will forever stay with me. I believe you are now in a peaceful world. Until we meet again, I LOVE YOU

    • REPLY
      Hilda Mubugumya says

      You always had a beautiful smile, jolly and nice to almost everyone. You will be missed indeed! It’s a pity but hopefully you are in a better place.May God comfort all your loved ones. RIP

  20. REPLY
    Ruth Atuhaire Asiimwe says

    Dear Doreen, I can not believe that I’m writing this condolence message and can’t explain how much i will really miss you. You loved me and my family selflessly, we had many plans and you are an inspiration to the whole world. You were full of faith, courage and strength. You’d never be forgotten, rest in peace. Sudden death is devastating. There’s no chance to say goodbye, no chance to prepare yourself. One day your friend is healthy and happy, and the next day they’re gone. I will forever treasure the time and memories we have had together and will forever miss you. Rest well my Idah Doreen ❤️

  21. REPLY
    Samuel kyobe says

    Mami Doreen barungi 😪😪😪😪 you have been a Mami to me from day one in my life,news of your death mami left me depressed bcz my last jazz with u mami was on watsapp 19th.05.21 at 1:46pm and all was well ts so confusing .I pray God to receive u and u sit on the right hand of the father May your soul rest in ever lasting peace mami Doreen.
    And May the good Lord comfort the whole family ,Mami Hope am praying you get strong in this trying moment though ts hard but I pray God to strengthen u mami Hope
    Samuel kyobe.

  22. REPLY
    Michael Arthur Nkwanga says

    Hi Aida Doreen
    U have a left a big big big gap in my life. We battled the same sickness and u encouraged me to fight on since I got it earlier than you. Thank you for being that special friend in my life and May your soul rest in Glory.

  23. REPLY
    Wakabi Joseph says

    My heartfelt condolences to Marion and the entire family. May her memory be a blessing

  24. REPLY
    Tusiime Carol says

    You where the mover of everything and loved to see everyone around u smile!!You will forever live in us.We loved u Idah but God wanted u more😘🙏

    Soar with the angels darling ❤️👌

  25. REPLY
    Benda Benson says

    May yo SRIP my dia sister. We shall miss u so.much as a family. Yo smile is still fresh in my eyes.

  26. REPLY
    Naomi Bazaala says

    My heartfelt Condolences to the Tebesigwa Family. I know Doreen is in heaven smiling as usual because she loved God. She loved her family especially her Parents. May the good lord comfort you in this difficult time.
    Doreen we will dearly miss you, may your soul Rest In Peace!😭

  27. REPLY
    Jackie nankunda says

    May God receive you in entanity dear Aida and may he comfort your family in this difficult moment

  28. REPLY
    Tezra Ssali says

    Your an Angel that walked this earth and made the world a happier place. Thank you for you beautiful heart, beautiful smile, for loving and giving us your all and the beautiful memories we shall always walk with. We love you mama Idah waffe. Sleep well love. May your soul rest in peace mama. Gone too soon Idah waffe💔💔

  29. REPLY
    Cabrine Kato says

    Your death has left a deep hole in ma heart. U were a beautiful and amazing soul mukwano. Death has robbed us of an amazing person.

    U will forever be missed dear Doreen. Rest with the Angels baby girl.

  30. REPLY
    Morrow says

    It was truly a pleasure to have gotten to know Doreen. She will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her. My deepest condolences to the entire family. Our prayers and thoughts are with you all.
    May God keep you strong and united through this tough time.

  31. REPLY
    Nakibirige Lydia says

    Aidah…rest with Angels, u have left prematurely…u will be dearly missed by friends and family..May the Almighty God Strengthen your family,may he protect and provide for your children…till we meet🙏🙏

  32. REPLY
    Faith - Josilver's momma says

    My dearest Mameeda, words fail me, your death came at a time when i had just lost 4 very close relatives so i was shattered after hearing about your demise. One thing i am confident about is that you have rested and may the heavenly angels receive your beautiful soul. You always brightened any dull atmosphere and you were so full of life, a lover of children yet a good disciplinarian, and when you loved, you loved so deep, we will miss your humour. I always thought i was a bold PDA person but u surpassed that. Well, if tears would bring you back, i am sure you would be here. God loved you more than we did. Sleep well beautiful

  33. REPLY
    Luwalira Derrick says

    You were such a king loving caring person who never got angry and always loved good for everyone. She will dearly be missed. RIP.

  34. REPLY
    Dr. Mugalu jolly says

    My deepest sympathies go out to you and your family. May God give you the peace that you seek. May my condolences bring you comfort and may my prayers ease the pain of this loss. I offer you my thoughts, prayers and well-wishes during this dark time in your life. Until we meet again darling rest in peace my beloved sister inlaw…

  35. REPLY
    Ellah says

    Mummy Idah..😭😭😭

  36. REPLY
    George William Kateregga says

    I don’t want you to be ignorant brethren concerning those who have fallen asleep,lest you sorrow as others who have no hope.
    For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with him who sleep in Jesus.
    May your soul rest in eternal peace my beloved Doreen.

  37. REPLY
    Ivan Kaggwa says

    RIP Dear Idah, may you rest well,till we meet again.

  38. REPLY
    Angie says

    The beautiful, jolly Idah..This happened too fast.We were not ready.God knows best..Rest with the Angels beautiful..

  39. REPLY
    MOSES NJOLA says

    Missed meeting you physically..all time been told we meet but found ma self caught up with time ..till we meet again ..mukwano

  40. REPLY
    Samson Mugisha (Sammy) says

    Words cannot describe what I am feeling. Our thoughts and prayers are with you dear Doreen Idah
    Some truth in life are hard to accept. Your memories will never be forgotten, will always remain with us forever. Keep resting in peace.
    we love you darling.

  41. REPLY

    We will never forget her love, passion and kindness. May God give her eternal rest and the family the strength to bear the great pain.

  42. REPLY
    Martha Apolot says

    Idah may the Almighty receive your soul and rest in peace my dear,your smile,laughter and happiness is now with the angels

  43. REPLY
    John Ombiah says

    Remembering her wonderful and gentle soul will forever remain in our hearts. May she rest in peace!

  44. REPLY
    Sarah Nanfuka says

    My deepest and sincere condolences to the Tebesigwa family for the sudden demise of yo daughter, sister, mama Idah. May God comfort you thru this very difficult time. And may Idah’s sweet soul Rest in eternal glory.

  45. REPLY
    Victor says

    You were such a happy soul who brought life to many, you will forever remain in the heart of your loved ones. I can say maybe God needed ur company more coz you were the best company to everyone. May the good Lord receive you in the heavens 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  46. REPLY
    SHAMSA says

    Our dear dear Idah… I still can’t wrap my head around this senseless tragedy… We take comfort in the knowledge that you are in a better place….You were a light to everyone who knew you. We shall miss you so much….Rest in Peace . ..

  47. REPLY
    Saikat Samanta says

    Very sad.May her soul rest in eternal peace and God comfort the family

  48. REPLY
    Maria Dsouza says

    We are with you in your sorrow at the loss of your beloved sister Doreen. May the Lord Almighty give you and your dear ones the strength to bear this loss. May your sister rest in peace.💐🙏

  49. REPLY
    Nelly says

    I was deeply saddened by your departure Idah. When I interacted with you on a few occasions, I found you warm and welcoming. You always wore a contagious smile; looking at your picture and knowing you’re no more is painful not only to your family and friends but to all those who got to meet you. Till we meet again, RIP dear.

  50. REPLY
    Atuhaire Rhona says

    It’s so sad you have gone too soon I know ur in heaven with Angels and God has received you alrdy .

  51. REPLY
    Atuhaire Rhona says


  52. REPLY
    Auntie Sheila says

    Dearest Idah, words aren’t enough! We are all so saddened yet we cling on to the many beautiful memories you made.
    Rest in heavenly peace with the Angels. You will forever be missed by everyone especially in the family, your nieces & nephews miss you already so much.You brought so much life and Joy to world, may God comfort and strengthen the family always
    May your light continue to shine bright in the heavens.

  53. REPLY
    Mubiru Jonathan says

    It’s so sad that your have gone so soon .may your soul rest in peace

  54. REPLY
    Washirekho Rashid says

    Its God that gives and takes , we shall always remember you as open minded friend. We ask God to strengthen the family members more so Madam Hope and your parents.

  55. REPLY
    Mugabi Joyce says

    Doreen, always loving, always cheerful, very respectful, always smiling, full of life.
    You loved my family in an amazing way. It is very bad that you have gone so suddenly and at such a time when we couldn’t visit you when you were sick. Couldn’t tell you I love you and you smile back to me. Your departure was a big reminder that this world is not our home and when our creator stops giving us His breath, we have to go back to where we belong.
    May God comfort Hope Tebesigwa, Maama and the whole family
    Psalms 34: 1-4

  56. REPLY
    Comfort Katwesigye says

    I can’t believe I have to speak of you in the past. But no, I will continue to speak of you in the present. You may have left us physically but your spirit lingers on. I believe You will continue to be amongst us.
    I was honoured to meet and get to know you and call you my own. You were the best friend, mother, sister, daughter anyone would ever wish to have. You have left a gap no one can ever fill.
    Thank you for living life, For loving , For living in the moment, For Caring, …the list is endless
    May God comfort Dad, Mum, Bella, Marion, Frank, Mbaba, Hope, Allen, your babies, your friends..Everybody riyalle. You loved the whole world.
    May we be comforted that you are in a better place where there is no more pain and sorrow. Happiness and joy and peace only.
    Soar high with the angels my dearest Cherie..Love you now and Forever..

  57. REPLY
    Patti. A says

    Doreen, i only knew you a short while. You ate life with a big spoon, your smile and laughter were infectious. This is so tragic. May the heavens receive you and may your soul rest in peace.

  58. REPLY
    Karen says

    Dear Idah,
    I met you at school and though we were classez apart you were soo charming and loveable all the time.
    I never saw you annoyed at anyone time.
    You will surely be missed and may your Soul Rest in Eternal peace. 🙏

  59. REPLY
    James Kasule says

    I offer my heartfelt condolences to you and your family. May Aidan ‘s soul be at peace with our Heavenly Father. I pray for peace and comfort for you and your loved ones at this difficult time and offer my condolences to you all. Her gentle soul will always be in our hearts.

  60. REPLY
    Ronald says

    We praise God for your life Ida, it was a tough last days but for your loved ones a time to connect with God on a real personal level. Even in your last days you have left an impact on lives.

  61. REPLY
    Brikesh Nair says

    It’s really hard to believe that you are not with us anymore Doreen.
    Gone too soon dear Idah.
    You will live in our hearts forever. We will miss your beautiful smile.
    I pray that your soul finds the eternal peace.

  62. REPLY
    Mbuubi Enock says

    We shall miss your smiles, love, laughter and joy till the resurrection day.
    Rest in peace Idah.

  63. REPLY
    Maureen Turner says

    Rest in peace our beautiful Angel!..👼
    Thank your for being such a wonderful friend..
    Words can’t express how much we gona miss you but we know you’re always gona be with us as our guardian angel. Smiling down on us..
    We know that the Lord has taken you to a better. Place where there’s no more pain..😢😢😢💔💔
    Rest well sweetie…!..
    May God’s mercy forever be with you..
    May his light shine your way!..🙏 Amen

  64. REPLY
    Rosette kanyike says

    Rest well beautiful…🙏🙏

  65. REPLY
    Loyce Busingye says

    Ida Doreen Nshuti yangye!!!Young and able.
    Always pulling everyone together
    Rallying behind all our causes.
    Responsible, friendly: a soul so gentle.
    We have had you for a time so short
    I guess that is what it must be with all angels.
    Here to glow, teach and love us
    And then quickly return to the lord to intercede for us.
    Thank you for that ray of sunshine that has been your smile
    For loving yourself and teaching us to do the same.
    You are missed now, you will be missed till we meet
    Your causes are now ours to champion and we pledge to champion like you would.
    With broken hearts we bid you farewell. Till we meet again. Rest well. Rest well.

  66. REPLY
    Sam Okello says

    Your Cheerful heart and love lives, makes you live with us even when in body we can’t see you and be with you…May your Soul Rest In Perfect Peace Doreen Idah, and May the Lord strengthen the family during this tough time, Amen

  67. REPLY
    Doris Ashabaaheebwa says

    Doreen Idah ,if ever we could meet a person ever so kind , ever so jolly , ever so hopeful, ever so encouraging, always ready to give advice, always ready to help reggardless of whether she knew you or not, very open minded . She was that one person you could trust to give you an honest opinion. The void will be felt but we trust that in heaven you have added to angels because thats what matched your personality. To have crossed your path was a blessing. May you Rest in peace eternal till we meet again🙏🏽🙏🏽

  68. REPLY
    Berocan Ronald Maja says

    You have gone to soon Doreen. May your soul rest in peace.

  69. REPLY
    Amukun Okiror Daniel says

    Oh Doreen how we shall miss your loving kindness and smile. You made a difference in peoples ‘lives and may you always be remembered in our hearts. God willing we shall meet again. Rest in peace dear Doreen.
    To the Tebesigwa family, my heartfelt condolences go to you during this trying time. I pray GOD comfort you and give you peace during this trying time.

  70. REPLY
    Duncan says

    My dearest Doreen, I still cant believe you are gone. As much as it hurts thay you are no longer with us, I know you are in a better place now. You will continue to live on in our memories as the jolly and fun loving person you always were. My sincere condolences to the rest of the family for our loss. Rest in Power my dear. Love, “Uncle Duncan”

  71. REPLY
    Duncan says

    My dearest Doreen, I still can’t believe you are gone. As much as it hurts thay you are no longer with us, I know you are in a better place now. You will continue to live on in our memories as the jolly and fun loving person you always were. My sincere condolences to the rest of the family for our loss. Rest in Power my dear. Love, “Uncle Duncan”

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