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Life Sketch of His Excellency Honorable Aggrey Siryoyi Awori

The late Mzee Aggrey Awori was born in Tororo (Eastern Uganda). He was the 10th of 17th children born to the son of late Canon Jeremiah Musungu Awori & Miriam Odongo Awori.  Honorable Aggrey Awori distinguished himself in his Academic achievements, Sports excellence, and in his adult life Journalism, Political, & Diplomatic careers.

He went to school at Nambuli High and then later Kings College Buddo where he was active in student politics.  These must have been the signs of a political career in the making.

After completing his secondary school, Awori went to obtain his University studies at Harvard University where he studied Political Science and Syracuse University where he obtained a Masters of Arts in Economics.   It was at Harvard that he met his wife, Dr. Thelma Awori who currently serves the Counsel General for Liberia in Uganda.

Awori was an outstanding athlete while at Harvard who represented his country in the 1960 Rome Olympics and 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

Honourable Aggrey Awori had a true passion and love for his country Uganda.  Upon completing his University studies he returned to Uganda to take up a role as the first African Director General of Uganda Television (UTV) in post-independent Uganda.  There was a coup in Uganda leading to him going into exile in neighbouring Kenya. While there, he taught Political Journalism at the University of Nairobi but still remained politically active.

After Idi Amin’s overthrow in 1979, Awori returned to Uganda where he launched his first attempt at elective politics by standing for a seat in Kampala East.  Uganda continued to experience changes in political leadership which eventually led him to being appointed Minister Plenipotentiary at the Uganda Embassy in Washington D.C.  He later on served as the Ambassador to Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg from 1985 to 1987.

With the entry of the newly formed NRA government, he returned into exile in Kenya but came back in 1994 to stand as a candidate for the Constituent Assembly.  He won the seat and was part of the Constituent Assembly that promulgated Uganda’s 1995 Constitution.   He then served in the Sixth Parliament from 1996 – 2001 where he was voted the best Legislature.

One of the highlights of his political career was his candidature for the Presidency in 2001.  He came a respectful third position.   In 2009, he was appointed by HE Museveni as Minister for ICT which he served as until 2011.

Awori was a political maverick, an intellectual giant, an outstanding orator and a brilliant Parliamentarian.  He was a man who was not afraid to speak up for his convictions.  He was a voice for the voiceless and therefore a man many admired and looked up to.

Awori was a family man devoted to his children, grandchildren, siblings, nephews, and nieces.

He will be deeply missed my all. May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

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