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AIDAN BERT APIRE OKOT September 17, 2022

Date of Funeral

November 12, 2022

Date of Birth: 12th April 1975

Date of Death: 17th October 2022

Parents: Justin Ayere Olwedo Okot (RIP) and Mrs. Florence Santa Aguu Okot

Wife: Filipa Rocha


  • Okot Petra
  • Okot Flavia
  • Okot Anna Bridget
  • Okot Daisy Isabella
  • Okot Sheila Lalo
  • Okot Aubrey Derek
  • Okot Eamonn Christopher
  • Okot Jackie Edna
  • Okot Basil Arthur
  • Okot Larry Edwin
  • Okot Barbra Monica

Child: Xavier Apire

Education Background

  • Open University
  • Coulsdon College
  • Busoga College Mwiri
  • St. Mary’s College Kisubi
  • Nakasero Primary School
  • Kololo Nursery School

Career Background

Worked for the National Health Service (NHS) as a Forensic Laboratory Assistant

Interests and Hobbies

  • Football
  • Music
  • Traveling
  • Research treatments for inherited illness

Brief history

He was born with sickle cell Anaemia.

In 2014 he contracted viral meningitis while at university. This affected his hearing, eye sight, memory and balance. He also underwent a hip replacement. He never fully recovered after the meningitis.

Aiden is survived by a young son aged 12 and a partner

Vigil is going to be held at their home in Lacor in Gulu today, 11th November 2022.

Burial will take place at their ancestral home in Paminyai District, Nwoya District on Saturday, 12th November 2022 at 02:00pm, starting with service at 12:00pm.

Informed are; Relatives, Friends and in-laws.                                     



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