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AGONDUA GOVILE CHARLES July 15, 1954 - June 26, 2024

Date of Funeral

July 2, 2024

Late Charles Agondua Govile was the only child of the late Mr. Christopher Godi (Aroi clan) and Anna Owuzuyo from Olivu Lajo Clan. He was born on 15th July 1954 at Origama in Mvara in the current Arua City.

Education Background

Late Charles Agondua Govile studied Primary one to six at Arua Demonstration School. He completed both O and A levels from Mvara Secondary School. He attained Degrees in Accounting and Finance, as well as, Journalism (Majoring in Photography and Videography).

Family Background

  • Late Charles Agondua Govile got Married on May 27th, 1988 at Khartoum, Sudan to Margaret M. Alak Ongwech. God blessed them with ten Children namely; Adriko Tom, Bayo Justo (RIP), Amviko Becky, Agondua Medina, Drotti Chris, Anguyo Felix, Orodriyo Catherine, Omviru Alice, Agondua Helen and Awaru Whitney.
  • He is survived by 23 grandchildren Sean Joseph Alu (RIP), Godi Daniel, Abigail Anna Owuzuyo, Patrice Leni (RIP), Emmanuel Leni, Etoru Esther, Baguti Nicholas, Vincent Econi, Samantha Pedun Abigail, Stephanie Miriam Itengu, Harry Prince Leni, Jordan Econi, Annabel Zena Letasi, Zoe Blessing Maleni, Oketa Justo, Allan Feta Gabula, Jean Pierre Obidah, Melissa Diamo, Ivy Awania Obidah, Arthur Amani, Joshua Acidri, Natasha Adania Merve, Ayikoru Ismat,Prince Asani.

Other dependant

  • Jennifer Mwehaki

Employment background
Up until retirement, Charles worked in different positions with the Government of Uganda including but not limited to;

  • Ministry of Education and Sports.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a career Diplomat deployed in Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, India and the United States of America.
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs as Assistant Commissioner in-charge of Salaries.
  • Ministry of Public Service as Assistant Commissioner in-charge of Salaries.

Burial will take place at their ancestral home in Aroi Village, Zambia Zone, Mvara, Arua City on Tuesday, 2nd July 2024.

Informed are: Family, Relatives, Friends and In-laws. 


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