123, landmark address


DOB: 15/03/1995

DOD: 20/06/2021

Education Background:

  • Software Engineering at Muk;
  • Greenhill Academy (A’level)
  • Makerere College School (O’level)

Career Background:

Co-owner at Kahwa2Go Restaurant and Cafe. Co-founder at Kitchen Station

Siblings: Paul Byamugisha, Judith Erone, Grace Tuhirire, Irene Bagorogoza, Peter Byaruhanga (RIP) and Clare  Jombwe

Children: Madeline Musiimenta and Valeria Mbabazi.


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    Lionel Mugema says

    May God receive your in His Heavenly Kingdom.

    Our prayers go out to Brian, Madeleine and Valerie – may they find comfort in God.
    You will be dearly missed.

    Much love

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    Jackie Balungi says

    I cannot imagine what you’re going through but hope that you know how much Vicky touched us. My childhood could not have been the same without her. She was calm of mind, organized and true to her beliefs. She clipped our nails and mothered us though we were her agemates. She motivated us with her driven nature and her one0pointed ability to realize a dream. I cannot imagine how much greater a role model a child can have, how much more dependable a wife Bryan could have had, how exemplary a sibling. She drew her plans for Kahwa2go back when she was still sixteen in her notebooks. There’s nothing Vicky has not dedicated to that she has failed to accomplish. She has fully run her race and returned to the Lord her Father. We could not have wished for more except for God’s grace in helping us accept His will. May she rest in peace.

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      Nchai says

      I used to admire how foresighted, organised, articulate and focused she was. She puts her mind on something, it will be accomplished, it was always a wow factor for me. Soft spoken and smiley always.
      She was a great partner to Brian and they complemented each other so well from day one. As a mother whose worst fear is leaving young ones behind, I can feel each ounce of pain Victoria must have felt, but what a better way to watch over your own babies than being a guardian angel forever.
      May God receive you well Victoria and may you Rest in peace my dear.

      To you Brian (Kijjo), I know a piece of you has left and it will never be the same. But hang in there, I am here willing to receive that call anytime of the day if you ever want someone to talk to. And unlike before where I could set meeting appointments and don’t turn up, it’s not a luxury I have with u anymore. A meeting is a meeting now. I promise (but ofcos you are paying the bills and giving me ka transport money 🤑).

      It is well Kijjo. Hang in there
      May God always give u peace in ur heart and of mind. May you find happiness in every moment you have with the people you have with you now. May you not lose focus of the things u want/ed to accomplish. May you still be the best version of yourself as always, May the grace of our Lord and the Love of God and the fellowship of the holy spirit, be with you always. Amen

      Be blessed always my dear. Heartfelt condolences to you and the family.
      Lots of love

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    Lynn Asiimwe says

    Victoria my heart is broken for you and your family. I still can’t believe your gone. I’m lucky our paths crossed at Hive colab as your kindness in that moment helped withstand a difficult time in my life. I’m going to miss you.

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    Angela Kirabo Russell says

    Brian, Victoria’s parents and siblings and friends,

    There is so much I want to say to you and yet there are so few words. The news of Mbabazi’s passing is the biggest, deepest, most painful blow of your lives. May God comfort you as only He can.

    Until we meet again, sleep little one.

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    Bernadette Ojao says

    Pads For Her Uganda would like to extend their heartfelt condolences to Mr. Ndyaguma Brian and everyone who loved Victoria. We truly pray that GOD will comfort you and your children during this hard time. May Victoria’s soul rest in eternal peace.

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    Julius Ainomugisha says

    There’s a lot I will say about Vickie. She departed unexpectedly. It’s a sad day. May God receive her. Be strong Brian. May God give you the strength and fortitude to pull through this. It’s not that easy but it’s possible with GOD.

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    Julius Ainomugisha says

    There isn’t a lot I can say about Vickie now. She departed unexpectedly. It’s a sad day. May God receive her. Be strong Brian. May God give you the strength and fortitude to pull through this. It’s not that easy but it’s possible with GOD.

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    Eunice Nalukenge says

    I still cannot believe you are gone Victoria. I will always remember you with Madeleine. Your relationship with her was such a blessing to witness. You were always such a joy to be around. I loved laughing with you and talking about anything and everything. I loved your openness to learning and doing better for your business.
    Brian, Madeleine, Valerie, all the family members and friends, my sincere condolences to you. Victoria was a blessing to so many and I am sure so much more to her family. We do not always understand why God let’s certain things happen but we continue to hold on to Him and trust in Him. And we hold on to God’s promise that we shall see her again on the streets of gold, where there shall be no more sorrow, crying or pain.
    We shall keep holding you up in prayer Brian, and the whole family.
    Rest in peace Victoria.

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    Sally Waruinge says

    May you rest in perfect peace Victoria. I only met you twice, at Kahwa2Go and you were such a brilliant lady – so intelligent, calm and innovative.

    My prayers go out to Brian, your lovely children and your entire family and friends. May the Lord hold them in a warm embrace as they mourn you – we pray for comfort, healing and strength.

    Rest in perfect peace Mrs. Ndyaguma.

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    Barbra Kayaga says

    Vicky we lived, we laughed, we loved and we cared for one another. Am still processing all this and I keep saying it’s not you, farewell my dear, I have to learn to live without you, all memories of you and care and the promise when I last saw you, you said “I am coming back soon to check on you” I didn’t see you again. I hope I loved you enough and the friendship we heard. You were the sister I didn’t have, always setting pace for us to follow, my dear you grew up so fast and lived life to the fullest. Our condolences and deep empathy to the Bagorogoza and Ndyaguma family, May God comfort you through this trying moments.

  11. REPLY
    Zulu says

    My sincere condolences on behalf of the Outbox and Startup Uganda Family. Victoria was very a great champion when it came to getting the Uganda entrepreneurship ecosystem started. I have known her for the passion she had with regards to getting women engaged in business. Always available to volunteer so as to see any intervention supporting fellow young people succeed. She will be missed dearly. May The Lord Jehovah comfort you Brian and the girls. May Her Soul Rest In Peace.

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    Brenda K says

    You blessed us all Victoria.
    My heart goes out to Brian and your dear children. May God grant them the grace and strength during this difficult time.
    Rest in perfect peace dear friend.

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    Aponi Winnifred Ogang says

    It’s hard to take in and yet we should accept that you are no more, you were a mentor,a friend and a Boss who was so good at every bit of her work.

    You live a legacy of a very good boss. May God grant your dear soul eternal rest.

    Mr Brian and your two beautiful daughters may the Good Lord give you strength to carry on during this trying moment,God will see you through 🙏

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    Maritza says

    This hit different Victoria, my darling, your beautiful soul has left a huge hole in this world but more than anything we thank God for the opportunity to have experienced your heart, your hard work, your dedication to serving people and all the wonderful things you gave the world. Our time with Open Mic Uganda, our random hilarious conversations, you gave me so much life and hold a special place in my heart!! You understood life’s assignment and you aced, you lived, and you loved. My dearest condolences to the amazing Mr. Ndyaguma, your beautiful girls and all your family. I will forever miss you ❤️. Rest Well, I love you and thank you.

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    Lubaale Henry says

    When we were starting agency banking in Uganda, most of the Ugandan prospects I approached were extremely skeptical, many thought we were thieves since such a concept wasn’t familiar in their eyes. BUT when I approached Victoria with the idea of partnering with Equity Bank to extend the services of our bank to Kahwa2go, she exhibited such an open mind and accepted my proposal. However I was quite puzzled about how she could fit banking into the process of serving food while maintaining her immaculate organisation. Days passed on…then finally she unveiled to me her grand plan of a mini-bank on the ground floor of Ntinda Complex. It took my breathe away. From then on I stepped aside and allowed her to fully utilize her imagination and bring the service to life. Step by step, she made her agency banking place a model that everyone admired and drew utmost inspiration. Truth to be told, majority of commercial banks executives including 99% of all agency banking outlets in Kampala and outside, all of them drew immense inspiration from her. She was a kind that couldn’t shy away from giving a generous positive review about my work to our managing director. She made my dreams realistic, and without her ingenious effort and innovation, agency banking in Uganda might have taken a very long time to develop. Uganda will always miss her. I hope she will evolve through her daughters guided by the impeccable husband in Brian. RIP Victoria. Its a fight you’ve won even in your moving to another world. Am forever grateful to you.

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    Ritah Ruth Nakibuule says

    Vicky was such a nice friend , sister and mother, always there when needed .You mentored so many people ,you gave so many young people an opportunity in life. your positivity is going to missed ,Thank you for giving me an opportunity to be your friend ,thank you for the support you always gave me(I am going to miss you so much) .To Brian ,Madeline and Valeria I pray you find comfort in the Lord may the almighty see you through this trying moment ,i know Vicky is watching over you from heaven. May Victoria’s Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

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    Shamira Mitha says

    In the short time I have known Victoria she came across as a woman of extreme strength and vision. May her beautiful soul rest in eternal peace and may the family be blessed with strength to bear this irreplaceable loss. Amen

  18. REPLY
    Brenda Byaruhanga says

    This is so painful and sad but we continue to seek comfort in the Almighty for he has reasons why He took Vicky. Brian may u seek solace in the Lord during this trying time.

    To the siblings of Vicky I wish I had the right words to tell but I don’t but I know the Almighty God will sail you through this one too and you will smile again. May the Almighty God comfort you and ease this massive pain of 2021.

    God bless you


  19. REPLY
    Carol Muwanga says

    May Gods peace abide within.
    May Vicky’s memories comfort you and always be the light.
    May the good lord give you strength.

  20. REPLY
    Maureen Musimenta says

    May Vicky’s soul rest in eternal peace. The angels have received her already🙏

  21. REPLY
    Mrs. Ssempebwa Veronica says

    My sincerest condolences to Vicky’s husband, the little girls and to you my dear Bagorogoza family. I pray for comfort for each one of you during this very difficult time. May Vicky rest in Eternal Peace, may the Peace of God that surpasses all human understanding be upon you during this very sad time.

  22. REPLY
    Busingye Jessica says

    Rest in peace Vicky.. May you be received by the angels in heaven. You were kind and gracious..your focus,determination and work ethic were unmatched. We learnt a lot from you..You lived such a full life!
    Praying for Brian and the babies.

  23. REPLY
    Jovia Viola Abenakyo says

    Dear Clare,
    Though your sister has passed, she’s neither gone or forgotten. Please accept my sympathies and sincere condolences to you and your family. May the Lord ease the pain you’re feeling over your sister’s passing, and bring you peace, comfort, and strength in ways that will see you through.
    God bless you

  24. REPLY
    Chinedu Ikwudinma says

    May the soul of Victoria rest peacefully in the Lord, Amen. May the Lord grant succour and fortitude to the bereaved families, and cast away the pall of mourning from their midst, Amen. May the Lord raise the children and grant hope to the husband, the siblings and the whole family, Amen.

  25. REPLY
    Stella Misango A. says

    Rest in Peace Vicky, my heart goes out to your children and Brian. Praying for strength at this time.
    Sleep well pretty girl x

  26. REPLY
    Priscilla says

    Rest in Peace Vicky. Condolences to the family.

  27. REPLY
    Jacqeline Akello says

    It’s such a sad thing indeed to lose a very young and enterprising lady like Victoria, she complimented Brian very well and together they could move maintains . To Brian may you find strength and comfort in the Lord and the girls. I pray for God’s hands on you and the entire family

  28. REPLY

    Rest in peace Victoria. You were a beautiful and gentle soul, even if I knew you but only briefly. Brian, Valeria and Madeleine sincerest condolences on this loss. May God watch and protect you now and for the rest of your lives. As he has brought you thus far, may the Lord always be your strength and comfort.

  29. REPLY
    Linda Alinda-Ikanza says

    Dear Brian,
    For the few years I have know you, although I only Victoria only rarely, she was always a great part of your life, dreams and achievements. The two of you were a gold standard dream team. I cannot begin to imagine your pain in this moment of great loss. I can only hold you and your precious daughters in prayer. Rest assured in the dependable and unquestionable love of God who allows all things to happen according to his purpose. May Victoria’s beautiful legacy live on in your family. And may her soul rest in equal beauty.

  30. REPLY
    Susan Hirego says

    Dear Brian,
    On behalf of the Rego Foundation family, please accept our sincere sympathy. We are deeply saddened by the loss of your dear wife Victoria. May you find the comfort and peace you seek in the Lord Jehovah and may the soul of your wife rest in peace. We are praying for you, your daughters, the Ndyaguma and Bagorogoza families.

  31. REPLY
    Nelly says

    For alooooooong time, l thought you guys were siblings! You looked alike BIG TIME! I recall when l mentioned it in your faces , and you looked at each other and smiled deeply. Then looked back at me and Brian said, “we are a couple.” I was amazed!!!!

    We then connected on a church project. That drew me to have chats and talks with both of you but mostly with Vicky. I was amazed!! Since then l looked at you as A POWER COUPLE!

    I cannot deceive that l know how deep this pain is for you Brian. But l have cried enough to come to terms with an imagination of your pain and your family. I keep you in my prayers and May God comfort you with the gals. MAY VICKY’S SOUL REST IN PEACE. AMEN

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