123, landmark address


Date of Birth: 14th March 1963
Date of Death: 9th June 2021

Parents: Ssalongo and Nalongo Edmumd Kyazze

Husband: Johnson Mukasa


  • Nanyonga Rachel Vicky
  • Astone Nyombi Daniel
  • Birungi Catherine Mutaawe
  • Namirembe Daphine

Education Background
Trinity College Nabbingo

Career Background
Worked with Ministry of Finance as an Office Manager.


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    Sarah Nsubuga says

    Kitalo nyo Senga Vickie. We shall miss you, so dearly.

  2. REPLY
    Betty Kyazze says

    Rest in peace my Number 5

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    Richard Ssenyonga says

    You will always be in my heart dear mum

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