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Sylvia Tomsange, 43, a resident of Frisco, Texas, passed away at Medical City Plano on Tuesday, February 8, 2022, after a hard-fought battle with cancer.

Sylvia was born on September 3, 1978, in Kampala, Uganda, to Eldard Male (deceased) & Joyce Nankinga. Sylvia’s grandfather, Reverend Canon Yoweri Busuulwa, ensured that Christianity was engraved in the hearts of the family, and Sylvia grew up attending church and knowing the Lord.
Anyone that met Sylvia quickly realized she didn’t just know the Lord; Sylvia was madly in love with Jesus. He was the joy of her life and she shared her love for Him with all who came in contact with her. Sylvia had a passion for gospel music and for praising the Lord with song.
As Sylvia grew, she decided to attend Nkumba University where she earned an undergraduate degree in Informational Technology, as well as a Master of Business Administration. Little did Sylvia know that there was a young man named Daniel Tomusange who was also attending Nkumba University. It wasn’t until 2003 that she and Daniel met in the hall of her work building and realized they had not only attended the same university at the same time, but now worked together! Around that same time, Daniel’s auntie told him she had a new employee named Sylvia who was “nice, lovely, and disciplined” that she wanted Daniel to meet. Before they knew it, Daniel and Sylvia were on their first date at the zoo and Daniel was telling Sylvia scary stories in hopes she’d need him to “comfort her.” After a long courtship, Daniel and Sylvia were married at St. Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe on May 22, 2010.

As Daniel & Sylvia’s careers took off and their love grew for each other, they prayed God would bless them with children, and God answered their prayers! Sylvia always loved the “rhythm of names” that occurs in families when children’s names all start with the same letter and she was thrilled to carry out that tradition in her own family. Denzel (15), Darren (13), Darrel (7), and Danielle (3) were the loves of Sylvia’s life. Sylvia prayed for, deeply loved, and cherished each of her children, and passed her immense love for life and joy in Jesus to them. While working together at the University, Daniel and Sylvia decided to apply for the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program in Uganda. They were accepted and arrived in Texas in 2016. Coming to America made Sylvia’s spiritual walk even stronger. She never moved her eyes off the Lord because she knew that’s where the answer was. It was during this time of struggle that she learned the two praise and worship songs, “God Will Make a Way” and “Ten Thousand Reasons”, that would later become the family theme songs to be sung every night before sleeping.

Jesus indeed made a way for Daniel and Sylvia in the next three years in America as they moved from an apartment in Mesquite, TX to a home in Frisco, TX. Life in Texas wasn’t always easy, but Sylvia faced each new challenge with joy and prayer. Though Sylvia was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in August of 2020, the same day they signed the closing documents on their new home, she continued to live a life of hope in Jesus. Throughout chemo treatments, medication challenges, and hospital stays, Sylvia claimed healing. She even told the doctors and nurses they were wasting their time because God was the One who would heal her – in His way and in His timing.

On February 8, 2022, God answered her prayers and Sylvia is now in Heaven, fully healed, with the Savior she so boldly proclaimed.
In addition to her husband Daniel, and their four children, Sylvia is survived by her cousin, Valeria Segawa of Boston, MA; her brother, Nsereko Godfrey Mugga (heir to her late Dad), of Birmingham, AL; her sisters, Rita and Prossy of London, UK; Samalie, Barbara, and Ethel of Kampala, Uganda, plus friends and family around the world.

Omwoyo gw’omugenzi gwa kusabirwa mu lutikko e’ Namirembe ku lw’okutano nga 04.03.2022 ku saawa Munaana (02:00pm) ez’olwegulo, noluvannyuma olumbe lwa kukumibwa mu maka gabwe e’ Nkumba.

Omugenzi wa kuziikibwa ku bijja bya Sebugwawo e’ Nkumba ku lw’omukaaga nga 05.03.2022 ku saawa Kumi (04:00pm) ez’olwegulo.


Ab’enju yomugenzi Eridad Male Mugga,

Ab’enju ya Rev. Canon Busuulwa,

Aba Nkumba University,

Abatuuze b’enkumba, Ab’oluganda, a’b’ako, n’ab’emikwano.

Omwoyo gw’omugenzi Mukama aguwumuze Mirembe

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