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SUZAN ASIRE ONGABA January 1, 1969 - April 22, 2023

Date of Funeral

April 26, 2023

Date of Birth  : 1stJanuray 1969

Date of Death : 22nd April 2023, Died at the age of 54 years

Father’s name: Late Okiring  Felix

Mother’s Name: Asire Catherine

Place & village: Kakoro Village , Kakoro Parish, Butebo District

Sibilings : 1st Born of  two sibilings ;- Herself and Achola Betty in Saudi Arabia.

Christianity Journey/Life: Got baptised in the Catholic Church and Later joined CDC (In last 3 years).

Family & marriage: Got married to Mr.Ongaba Stepshen and blessed with 6 children, 5 Boys and 1 Girl.


  • Vincent Ongaba (Surveyor With Engineering Brigade of UPDF)
  • Tino Fiona (Social Worker)
  • Outa Paul (Medical Officer)
  • Angulo Emmanuel Ongaba (Student at the University)
  • Ekitwi Vitallis Ongaba (S.6 Student)
  • Ogulei Shardrack Ongaba (S.1 student)

Grand Children: Four grand Children


  • Kakoro Primary School P.1 to P.7. 1976-1983
  • Kongunga High School for her secondary education.S.1 to S2 . 1984-85
  • Nakasero secondary school S.3 to S.4. 1986
  • YMCA, Kampala for catering. 1989 

Employment Background & Other Responsibilities

  • Ministry of Finance – office attendant between 1991 and 1992.
  • Business:-Nakasero market; Kumi market (produce) and Canteen at home.
  • Treasurer in one of the groups in the Parish model

Church Work :

She has been an elder in CDC Uganda.

Hobbies/Interests (Innovation/Creativity)

  • Bible study
  • Adventure

Commerce :

She Worked in the kumi town where she had a shop.

She has been managing a shop in  senior quarters.

Culture / Clan Matters

She promoted Iteso Culture, guided and strengthened the Itekoko isengoria clan because she took care of very many children.

Vigil will be held at their ancestral home in Kachumbala on Tuesday, 25th April 2023.

 Burial will take place at their ancestral home in Kadesok-Komuge, Kachumbala- Bukedea District on Wednesday, 26th April 2023 starting with a Requiem Mass at 10:00am.

Informed are:

Hon. Anita Among-Speaker of Parliament Uganda.

Hon.Patrick Isiagi Opolot- Member of Parliament Kachumbala County.

Hon. John Bosco Ikojo-Member of Parliament Bukedea County.

Hon. Sailus Awogon-Member of Parliament Kumi Municipality.

Hon. Apolot Christine-Women MP Kumi District.

Hon. William Wilberforce Tukei-R.D.C Bukedea.

Hon. Mandela Akol-Chairperson Kumi.

Hon. Mary Akol Oron -L.C. V Chairperson Bukedea.

The Mayor and Councilor’s of Kumi Municipality.

District Councilor’s of Bukedea and Kumi District.

The president of Ikatekok-Isenoria-Mzee Okei Charles Miroi.

Mzee/Papa Odele Emmanuel-Okum Kadesok Pallisa.

All Technical Staff of Bukedea District, Kumi District, Ngora District and Kumi Municipality.

The Family of Late Ongelech, late Omadi and Amurak Ikakatio Kere Kakora Butebo.

The family of late Charles Okia Kongunga Amosingo.

The families of Dr. Opio James, Dr. Ekure John, Dr. Echengu Julius, Asio, Dr. Obore, Dr. Ongelech Francis.

The family of Oswan Vitalis, Kumi Town.

The family of Ekwang Bonifasio Akileng/ Osuu Ongino Aakum.

The family of Odongo George-Kawo-Ongara.

The family of Otuta and Olupot Kiying.

The family of Okurut Akol Herbert Olungia-Kumi Municipality Council.

The family of Mzee Odongo Joseph Kalapata Ngero-Kumi.

The family of Mzee Ongada John Kanyumu Kogil.

The family of Mr. Olupot Butebo-Pallisa.

The family of Alemu John Kakere Bukedea.

The family of late Otukol William.

The family of Obwana William.

The family of Mzee Acoroi Vicent Oboliso-Pallisa.

The family of late Opesen Lawrence Kakures-Mukongoro.

The family of late Okot Ben -Lira Central Division.

The family of late Amusek (Okoboi.S. Opejo, Nyamure, Susuje Akia Amus.

The family of late Odongo Nicholas, Aisu Samiri Kawojan-Kabwangasi.

The family of late Emach Pampiio -Kachumbala Morujuwai.

The family of late Etudat Ocaapa and Olinga Omoding Francis of Serere.

The family of late Otingar Bathalameo-Tororo Town.

The family of late Charles Orengen -Mukongoro-Oleico-Omusio.

The family of late Matono Okoona Komuge-Kachumbala.

The family of late Obaada and Onyait Kadoki-Kobuin Ngora, Relatives, Friends and In-laws, Kakoro, Kadesok, Komuge, Konugunga, Kocheka, Okolotum, Otimongra-Odwarat, Kadoki, Budaka, Butebo, Pallisa, Kabwangasi, Kolir, Kumi, Ongino and Serere                                                                                              MAY HER SOUL REST IN ETERNAL PEACE

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