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NASSA KIMBA AGABA November 1, 1991 - October 29, 2023

Date of Funeral

November 2, 2023

Nassa was born in London United Kingdom on 1st November 1991. He spent the first few years of his childhood in London and moved to Uganda where he grew up. He attended Kabojja Junior School and Bushtops International School Kampala, after which he went to UK for studies as a teenager and later returned to Uganda. In his adulthood, Nassa has been working at Bubbly Inner Beauty Ltd in the packaging department. Nassa has been surrounded with love from his Dad Patrick Kabuchu Kimbaleeba, Mum Julia and younger sisters, Amara and Agasha.

Nassa is remembered for his brilliant mind and memory. No one could beat him at knowing the record holders of Genius World book of records in several categories. At age 4, Nassa could identify maps of most countries of the world and their national flags. His happiest academic moment was in solving multiplication problems, and was known in school for his genius at computers in his teenage years. He loved playing football and track and before his illness, jogged several kilometers almost every day. He was lovingly referred to as Speedy Gonzales because as kids, he ran faster than all of them. It is no wonder that even during his sickness, he had very fast paced strides that family and nurses with him would be running to catch up. As an ardent Arsenal F.C fan, he enjoyed watching Arsenal matches especially when they beat their nemesis clubs.

Nassa is remembered for his hearty, long and contagious belly laugh, that anyone who heard it could not resist cracking up themselves. He has had a great sense of humor and great imagination that it was no wonder that he endlessly enjoyed “Tom and Jerry”. His personality has been loving with an unconditional love for his sisters, his parents, cousins and friends. The silent peacefulness around Nassa has been calming. Throughout his pain, he was very brave and never tired of staying physically fit. He kept the faith and encouraged everyone to believe that he would be well. We are grateful to God for the privilege of having Nassa in our lives. He will always be greatly loved, and greatly missed.

 “… The Lord Gave and the Lord has taken Away; May the name of the Lord be praised” Job 1:21.

Wednesday 1st November 2023 Funeral Procession departs for Kyobugombe, Kabale.

Thursday 2nd November 2023, funeral service at home in Kyobugombe, Kabale starting at 11.00 am and burial at 2.00 pm.

May Nassa’s Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

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