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NAMAKOYE JOYCE July 26, 2022

Date of Funeral

October 8, 2022

Date of Birth: 15th January 1943
Date of Death: 26th July 2022

Parents: Namasake Erisa (RIP) of Bashikori Bamukweri Bawamamera Clan, Bungokito Mbale and Namasaba Zeulia (RIP) of Bamwalya Clan.

Husband: Wambi (RIP) of Muyembe, died in 1960’s.


  • Makombe William (RIP)
  • Elizabeth Nanjala Johnson

After the death of her husband, she left for Kenya in the early 1970’s and worked with Mr. William the white man in Nairobi where she worked until her boss left for Scotland, she remained caring for the household members until she was later invited to go with the family to Canada in 1985.
While in Canada she started working with the Salvation Army Organization as a Social Worker till she retired on 15th January 2011.
Due to her love of children in Canada, she took over the guaditionship of her brother’s children; Khakasya Joyce and Kosea Mukholi Sikaye who are currently living in Canada with Elizabeth Lisa Johnson Nanjala.

There is a funeral service at Bushikori Christian Church (BCC) today, 7th October 2022 starting at 10:00am followed by vigil at her home in Nashikhaso Village, Bushikori Parish, Bungokho Sub County, Mbale District.

Burial will take place at their ancestral home in Nashikhaso Village, Bushikori Parish, Bungokho Sub County, Mbale District on Saturday, 8th October 2022 starting with a service at 12:00pm.

Informed are:

His Highness the Umukhukha of Inzu Yamasaba

The family of the Late Umkhukha Bob Musshikori from Bududa

Dr. Wanjisi and the family of the Late Kanyanya JK from Mafutu, Bumbobi Mbale District

Hon. Woman Member of Parliament Mbale District

Hon. Member of Parliament Bungokho Central

Hon. Welikhe Micheal Gafabusa

All the Tororo Bagisu Community friends in Canada

Mr. Mutenyo Mbalilira and all relatives from Bumbobi Mbale

Gimei Micheal and all relatives from Muyembe Bulambuli District

Wakhatenge of Uganda Police and all relatives from Bubulo Manafwa District

Rhoda Mugeragi and all relatives from Butaleja

Luka Mugeragi and all relatives from Kampala

Palapande Bosco Wasike and all relatives from Busoba

Topista Nabukwasi and all friends from Busamaga

All friends and relatives from Bashikori, Bamukweli, Bawamema clan

Other clan relatives of Bamwalye clan and Banamono clan

Relatives, Friends and In-laws.


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