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Nalongo Kankindi Mariam was born on 1st  January 1925

She was married to Ssalongo Kanyamanza Eliyasi.

She is survived by children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

She will always be remembered by her;

Welcoming attitude, good conversationist, Quick laughter/witty, liked things to do with the spiritual and concern for those in need.

Vigil will be held at their home in Bulo, Gomba on Friday 12th March, 2021.

Burial will take place at their home in Bulo, Gomba on Saturday 13th March, 2021 at 04:00pm starting with a Service at 10:00am.


  1. REPLY
    Simon peter says

    Sweet loving jaaja may the almighty God receive you with his loving caring and selfless hands just as you were to many of us. Rest in peace my hero.

  2. REPLY
    Julia Beinomugisha says

    May the Angels of our Lord receive you grandma Nalongo Kankindi Mariam with open arms. May the Lord strengthen and comfort your whole family, may Jesus hold their hearts and may the Lord grant you eternal rest in Jesus name. Rest with the Angels.

    • REPLY

      May the Almighty receive you with open arms.
      I will miss u my jaja thank you so much for your love and your blessings loved you so much will celebrate you always. May u be at peace

  3. REPLY
    Ssenyondo williams says

    Brother Simon loosing a parent isn’t an easy moment on behalf of the 99 class we stand with u in this trying moment, we know how much granny meant for u and we pray to God that he receives her into the heavenly kingdom till we meet again RIP Granny

    • REPLY
      Mr and Mrs John. says

      May you forever sleep in peace jaaja. You have been so Wonderful to many hearts and forever you will be.
      You will surely be missed. Sorry for your loss Simon Peter.

  4. REPLY
    Agnes Kabenge says

    You were love! You were so much laughter! You were so beautiful! You were funny! You were so graceful! You were so pure! You were everything God enabled you share with me! Oh my Precious Gem, I loved and cared for you with my every everything. Will surely miss you
    Till we meet in Heaven my love. Sleep well

    Your granddaughter in love

    Nalongo Agnes Kabenge

  5. REPLY
    Caroline Egesa says

    Brother Simon and family, am sorry about the passing of beloved Granny. Cherish the memories you made with her and she will always be in your hearts. May she rest in God’s eternal peace. Amen.

  6. REPLY
    Fr. Kayiira R. says

    Dear Simon, in such a challenging moment we can only pray that the Almighty God keeps you and the entire family strong in Faith-May the Almighty grant Her Soul Eternal Rest. RIP Jjaja!!

  7. REPLY
    Immaculate Hooper says

    We had a wonderful grandmother,
    One who never really grew old;
    Her smile was made of sunshine,
    And her heart was solid gold;
    Her eyes were as bright as shining stars,
    And in her cheeks fair roses you see.

    We had a wonderful grandmother,
    And that’s the way it will always be.
    But take heed, because
    She’s still keeping an eye on all of us,
    So let’s make sure
    She will like what she sees.

  8. REPLY
    Mawejje John Paul says

    May the good Lord grant you eternal peace dear Jjajja. May he continue to comfort the the family in this very trying moment. And keep you strong throughout this time. From Mawejje and family

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