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HENRY BAMUTURA September 19, 1959 - July 24, 2024

Date of Funeral

January 30, 2024

The late Henry Bamutura was born in Kiryanga village, Kibaale District to Mr. and Mrs. Kanyaihe on 19th September 1958. He enjoyed his childhood and family together with his siblings whose names are shared here;

  • John Kisangaki.
  • Joyce Binamwenda
  • The Late Nathan Asiimwe
  • Balinda Yokoyandi
  • Mathias Kabagambe
  • The Late Bingi Florence
  • Kiiza Godfrey
  • Katusabe Asinus
  • Jesse Tibemanya
  • Faith Bikara

He was well educated as shown here;


  • Kicucura Primary School
  • Kabalega- Primary School
  • Duhaga Secondary School O ‘Level
  • Old Kla Secondary School A’level.
  • Makerere University (B-Comm)
  • MAASTRICHT University (MBA) (Netherlands)
  • ACCA
  • Government Financial Naf System (USA) – Member

After completing his education, he met and married Proscovia Nyakaisiki Bamutura on 26 November 1988, with whom they were blessed with four biological children.


  • Mark Arinaitwe
  • Matthew Atuhairwe
  • Norah Amanya Mwine
  • Micah Bamutura Jnr

Son and Daughters’ in law

  • Job Asasira Mwine
  • Carol Arinaitwe
  • Lillia Atuhairwe
  • Priscilla Bamutura

Mr. Henry Bamutura has been blessed with grandchildren who he loved dearly and gave them the best.


  • Amaani Henry Kakuru Mwine
  • Emanzi Julius Kato Mwine
  • Murungi Lionel Kanyaihe
  • Ainembabazi Pauline Norah
  • Arinaitwe Liam
  • Arinaitwe Leeroy

Mr. Bamutura dedicated his career to serving the Government of Uganda as a civil servant. He faithfully served until his retirement and his passing.

Throughout his life, Mr. Bamutura held a deep respect for his culture and was a proud member of the Baboopi Clan. He served as a respected clan head and was also a member of the Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom Parliament (Orukurato) providing guidance and leadership to his community.

Additionally, he actively participated in the Church of Uganda, holding important roles and displaying valuable leadership within the church. He was also involved in various Church of Uganda founded schools in Bunyoro and served as a board member for the province of Church of Uganda.

Not only was he a dedicated civil servant and community leader, but Mr. Bamutura also shared a passion for travel and adventure which encouraged him to promote tourism in Bunyoro, Uganda. He established several hotels and lodges within the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, contributing to the growth of the tourism industry in the region.

Furthermore, Mr. Bamutura’s commitment to the well-being of his community led him to convert his home in Kiryanga into the Norah Medical Center. This facility provided health services to the people of Kibaale, with a special focus on free healthcare for children under the age of five and elderly individuals over the age of fifty.

Mr. Bamutura started Buyaga Elders Development Association (BEDA) and became it’s first chairman with the goal of improving the lives of the elderly in Buyaga, Kibaale district.

Overall, Mr. Bamutura’s life was defined by his dedication to public service, his unwavering commitment to his culture, and his passion for improving the lives of those around him. His legacy continues to inspire and influence others.

There will be a Funeral Service at All Saints Cathedral Nakasero on Monday,29th January 2024 starting at 09:00am.

Burial will take place at Kagadi on Tuesday, 30th January 2024 at 02:00pm starting with a funeral service at 12:00 noon.

Informed are; Relatives, Friends and In-laws.                                                                                                                             



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