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GUDOI STEPHEN July 12, 2022

Date of Birth: 12th March 1944

Date of Death: 10th June 2022

Baptized in: 1945

Circumcised: 1964

Marriage:1977 to Sarah Mayumba Gudoi

Children: 12 (4 went to be with the LORD and 8 are still alive)

Grand children: 26

Great grandchildren: 3

Education background

  • P.7 Shikulu Primary School in Manafwa District
  • S.2 Mbale College
  • Nyondo PTC–qualified as a primary teacher


  • Taught in Bushiribo Primary School in Bududa District
  • Kalawa Primary school in Sironko District
  • After which he went to Kenya & worked with an Italian Transport Company
  • After sometime he came back to Uganda and opened various businesses as he cared for his family
  • He eventually joined politics and later retired

Mzeei‟s sickness started with hernia, which was operated and he got better.

He had a clot on the right leg, DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and was medicated recovered from it.

During the Covid19 period, year 2020, Mzeei started saying „‟ I am sick, I am not well, he just wasn’t feeling himself and could not explain the cause. So investigations were done and he was found with diabetes and malignant growth tumor of the prostate which had advanced with metastases in August last year.

He was immediately started on treatment, which the body resisted causing adrenal crisis. The doctor then advised us the family on surgical intervention suggesting it would remove the root cause/ fuel of the cancer per in lay man’s language and would improve the quality of Mzeei‟s life and buy him some more time with his family ,to which we consented and was worked on immediately.

We were discharged on 3rd of New Year 2021. On 27th, Mzeei became restless (respiratory distressed) and we had to rush him to the hospital where he was put on oxygen for one week. God the most kind rescued him from the death trap and this is the time he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

We were discharge after a week from hospice. From that time, Mzeei has been on treatment for diabetes and pain management till his last days when he vomited blood, collapsed and died as we were preparing to take him to the hospital on 9th July, 2022.

Burial will take place at their ancestral home in Nelayi Cell, Bukitutu Parish, Buwangani Town Council, Manafwa District today on Tuesday, 12th July 2022 starting with a service at 1:00pm.

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