At A-PLUS FUNERAL MANAGEMENT  we offer  the following services;

  • Free professional advice on funeral arrangements.
  • Body preparation, cold storage,embalmment, Body washing,Cosmetology/dressing.
  • Procession of death, postmortem, embalmment certificates.
  • Body transportation in executive funeral hearses and executive cars for mourners.
  • International Body repatriation and body clearing service
  • Executive caskets both imported and local including jenaza.
  • Funeral equipment,coffin trolley and lowering device.
  • Professional pallbearers/Body movers.
  • Standing flowers for casket, coffin wreaths in all sizes
  • Co-ordination of religious service and last prayer of any faith.
  • Order of service books.
  • Announcements- Radio,T.v, Newspapers, SMS and Email
  • Coffin tents, tents and chairs.
  • Public address system with vigil music for all religions.
  • Still photography, Video coverage.
  • Grave construction up to slab (Tiles, Cement and Kajjansi).
  • Grave finishing with cement/tiles/terrazzo/marble/granite.
  • Catering services.
  • Exhuming.
  • Christian, Moslem,Hindu and Packages of any faith.
  • Cremation.

Modern Fleet for body transportation

Modern Caskets


Grave Construction & Finishing


In partnership with Mengo Hospital APlus Funeral Management operates and manages the most modern state of art mortuary/funeral Home in Uganda