ARTHUR MUGISHA (1982-2017)

Arthur Mugisha (RIP) was born on 4th November 1982 and passed away on 24th January 2017. he went to Rushere Primary School, Ngabo Academy, Joined the Army for 10 years then continued with he’s studies in South Africa, Western Cape University South Africa: A certificate in Human Resource Management

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Date of birth:        27th May 1981 Date of death:       9th January 2017 FAMILY LIFE She was survived by 2 children WORK She was self employed

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The Late Margret Nalukenge Zake, (RIP) aged 71 years and died 2015; was the youngest of four children and she started school at Ggoli Primary School, proceeded to Trinity College Nabbingo, Mulago Nursing School- Enrolled Nurse Masaka Nursing School- Double, Training Enrolled Nurse and Mid wife. She

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The Late Paskazia Nkwanzi Kanura was born in the year 1940 and passed away on 19th January 2017. She went to Charles Lwanga Ntinda. She was married to the Late Paul Kananura and survived by 10 children (5 deceased, 5 living), Several grand children and great grand children.    

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omugenzi Erizefani Bukenya Byombi Waalwo Bata yazalibwa nga nga March-15-1934 . Yatandika bufumbo obutukuvu mu myaka gya 1956 ne mukyala we Kasalina Nnabwami (Omugenzi), Mu 1960 Tswana mukyaala we Margret  Naiga (Omugenzi), My 1974 yawasa mukyala we Gatrude Nalwanga era mu myaka gyekyenda gwe yagat

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The Late Angelina was born in 1943 and passed away on Sunday 22nd January 2017. she was born to the Late Anthony and the Late Tereza e Gitarama Nyanza – Rwanda

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